Nurses and doctors

We're really all on the same side.

Our primary care leaders gets in bed with UnitedHealth. Smart, or a deal with the devil?

Many say that the UK's NHS provides cheaper health care. Not so, when waiting times are factored in:

When he eventually receives the surgery the official cost is $6,000 or $4,000 cheaper than the U.S. The socialists crow about the "cheaper" alternative. They completely ignore the lost wages. A four month wait would be around 17 weeks of lost wages. There is the one week recuperation period as ...


They poached one of the WSJ writers to start their new blog:

Wall Street Journal Health columnist Tara Parker-Pope is defecting to the New York Times to write a health blog and a consumer health column for Science Times.

Why Canada's health care is cheaper:

America spends significantly more on medical care than Canada. Socialized medicine advocates frequently claim that this shows we are getting a bad deal: less care for more money. But the fact is that illegal alien mothers walk into hospital emergency rooms and give birth to babies requiring intensive neonatal care costing hundreds of thousands of dollars on a regular basis, and it makes ...


Read to believe:

A seat belt saved a driver, police say, but not in the usual way. Steven Earp, 48, was eating a fast-food sandwich Wednesday morning, said police Sgt. Doug Mozan. Earp choked and blacked out. His 1997 Honda sedan hit a parked car.

After the wreck, Earp came to.

Mozan attributed his revival to a "seat-belt-induced Heimlich maneuver."

Fake heart, no feeling

Grateful owner of the first Jarvik artificial heart, he seems to have lost his emotions:

At the same time, he reports, he's become more "coldhearted" -- "less sympathetic in some ways." He just doesn't feel like he can connect with those close to him. He wishes he could bond with his twin grandsons, for example. "They're 8, and I don't want to be bothered to have a reasonable relationship ...


No doctor can match the perfection that retail health clinics offer:

With the 99.15% proper treatment rate that you reported, never before seen in the annals of health care, perhaps the next step should be in-store cardiac and neurosurgery because there is no way any physician or hospital can match that "perfection." Didn't our parents tell us that when something sounds too good to be true it usually is? ...


Hmm, a little-reported fact in the identical-quadruplets story. I wonder what Michael Moore would say:

The Jepps drove 325 miles to Great Falls for the births because hospitals in Calgary were at capacity, Key said.

"The difficulty is that Calgary continues to grow at such a rapid rate. ... The population has increased a lot faster than the number of hospital beds," he said.

Two of the ...


Panda's back, and wonders why people with good insurance still go to the ER. The answer is simple:

So you see, Emergency Medicine is a victim of it's own success and, as Emergency Departments begin to look more and more like self-contained hospitals-within-hospitals complete with admitted patients (waiting for rooms, you understand) and even critical care patients being managed for most of the initial five or six hours in ...


Death by polypharmacy

Or, how to kill the elderly. In the US, the average Medicare patient sees 3 specialists or more - each prescribing their own set of medications, often without regard to what the patient is already taking.

The scientist at Northwestern who worked on the drug is getting some nice royalties.

New York's AG warns Aetna and Cigna about the flawed measures.


Behind the Scenes of Medical Blogs: Kevin, MD. My interview over at ScienceRoll is up.

Placebo Television #4

1-899-SCAMDOC. Classic.

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An editorial feels sorry for the people in Wisconsin. But as Stossel said, better for one state to take the fall than the whole country.

YouTube and anorexia

More than 8,000 videos on YouTube promoting anorexia. Dangerous.

Numerous articles suggest that depression is under-diagnosed in primary care.

This psychiatrist says otherwise:

Professor Gordon Parker claims the threshold for clinical depression is too low and risks treating normal emotional states as illness.

Writing in the British Medical Journal, he calls depression a "catch-all" diagnosis driven by clever marketing.

The "medical home"

Medpundit on the latest foray by our leaders to give primary care the respect it deserves:

In short, "medical home" is the newest craze in medical euphemisms. It's what used to be called a "primary care provider" in the heyday of HMO's. But the phrase "primary care provider" has gotten a little ambiguous what with retail clinics staffed by nurses claiming to be primary care providers and what not. ...


"The Tiger can do it"

Referring to a slickly-marketed antibiotic. Damn those sneaky drug rep pens.

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