Stephen Ringold works for Clown Care which is "the first residential professional clowning program in a hospital."

I wonder if his clown friends ever work in the Operating Room . . .

Can you believe there are no only two published case reports of sword swallowing injuries . . .

Sword swallowers are more likely to sustain an injury -- such as a perforation of the oesophagus -- if they are distracted or are using multiple or unusual swords, finds a study in this week's Christmas issue of the British Medical Journal.

A brief story about 6 year old Hayden who is one of only 500 people in the world known to have Fibrodysplasia Ossificans Progressiva.

After Clinton's recent support of socialized medicine, I think a few excerpts of her original plan is in order:
"HHS will control the allocation of residency slots and (p. 129) assure preferential treatment of certain groups of persons."

"Wise allocation of resources: The nation should balance prudently what it spends on health care against other important national priorities.''

Uncle Sam just released a new tool to help compare insurance costs between different places on the map . . .

The Cheerful Oncologist discovers the miracle of life while contemplating the sadness of death.

The miracle of life is not that like the lucky patient we can sometimes avoid death for as long as possible - it is that we were given life in the first place.

Dr. Wes has a great piece on the insanity of banning 'unhealthy foods' that is spreading across the country.

Isn't it reassuring to know that if you cannot control yourself, or are victimized by making politically incorrect choices, others will be there to save you from your own behavior?

Dr. Schoor sums up our reimbursement model as "Complicated, convoluted, redundant, expensive . . ."

Is this an admission that the 'private sector' is superior to bureaucratic red-tape?

Einstein’s Riddle . . .

Do you think you are smarter than 98% of the people in the world? Prove it by solving Einstein's Riddle . . .

Good Morning Blogger Fans,
As Dr. Kevin said, my name is Josh Umbehr and I'm currently an M4 at the University of Kansas SOM. I plan on starting a Family Medicine Residency in the summer and I just finished my last interview yesterday (which explains the lack of posts). Dr. Kevin left some big shoes for me to fill in his absence but I'm looking forward ...


I will be away from the blog for the next little while. In the meantime, please welcome Josh Umbehr, Associate Editor at Medgadget, who will be guest-blogging.

I wish all of you a safe and happy holiday season.

Despite hating Wal-Mart, he grudgingly accepts the benefits:

And needless to say I do all my shopping at Costco. But here I am referring patients to a particular company, a company I don't like, and who's treatment of it's employees is a top flight embarrassment. but if I can get that diabetic all her presciptions for $20 a month, hell I'll print out a map to ...


A decision that many PCPs will face. Increasing lucrative, pay-up-front services, like executive physicals or cosmetic procedures, or face bankruptcy.

And the plaintiff lawyer isn't happy:

"A majority of the jurors saw this as a $5- to $7-million case, and I very much agreed with them," Faison said. "But there was one juror who was out of step and out of touch."

The ER doc loses the malpractice case for failing to consult a vascular surgeon. With specialists increasingly failing to cover the ER, I wonder if this played into the case.

Market-driven medicine gone crazy in China:

One of Beijing's most prestigious hospitals, Beijing Union, has fallen prey to the ticket scalpers, too. The black-market trade is blatant, with no attempt at concealment and little fear of the police.

When a visitor arrives at the hospital gates or the registration building, he is swarmed by hordes of ticket hawkers. "Numbers for specialists! Numbers for specialists!" they shout loudly, sounding like ...


15,000 units of heparin was given, instead of 1,500. Always write out "units" when prescribing, rather than a "u" after the dose.

Luckily, Dr. Bennett doesn't practice in the UK. A mother gets over $80,000 after an anesthesiologist tells her to quit smoking:

A mother who was criticised by a doctor for nipping out for a cigarette moments before her caesarean operation has won more than £44,000 for her 'hurt feelings'.

The heavy smoker claimed that she developed severe post-natal depression after the anaesthetist told her off.


Not sure how this can happen.

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