The usual suspects are reasons: malpractice, reimbursement and high cost of living.

One new reason is cited however. The rise of concierge practices:

Dr. Greenwald also noted another significant reason for physician shortages "“ not a physical lack of physicians, but rather many physicians changing to so-called "concierge" medicine . . .

. . . Greenwald said this means that when one doctor leaves general private practice ...


"I recognize that there are flaws in your system, but that's not for me to correct, that's for you to correct."

It's safe to say that he won't be doing a documentary attacking Canadian health care anytime soon.


It's what you get when you add Google + hypochondriacs:

Ninety percent of hypochondriacs with Internet access become cyberchondriacs, according to Fallon. He said it's a natural progression.

Too good to be true:

Last August most members of the Medical College of Georgia's 2008 class found a $2,961 tuition refund deposited in their bank accounts. In April, though, the sweet deal turned sour. The school sent certified letters informing students it wanted the money back.

Instead of owing $18,000 in tuition for the year, these students must pay $21,000 due to an erroneous refund.

All drugs have side effects, but so does life:

Their findings surprised them. For example, taking Vioxx (rofecoxib), which was withdrawn from the market in 2004, or Tysabri (natalizumab) for multiple sclerosis was comparable to or exceeded the risk of dying in a car crash, working as a truck driver or rock climbing.

Remaking a nose

Complex surgery replaces a veteran's nose:

In a series of six operations over a year-long period that ended with removal of the last sutures on May 2 - and that rank as one of the most complicated nasal reconstructions ever performed at Johns Hopkins - facial plastic and reconstructive surgeons have pieced together more than a dozen bits of bone, cartilage, skin, arteries and veins to rebuild Fletcher's nose. ...


Pharma TV

Coming soon, a Big Pharma television station:

Four of the world's biggest pharmaceutical companies are proposing to launch a television station to tell the public about their drugs, amid strenuous lobbying across Europe by the industry for an end to restrictions aimed at protecting patients. Pharma TV would be a dedicated interactive digital channel funded by the industry with health news and features but, at its heart, would be detailed ...


So says Dr. Wes, when he compares patient privacy in case reports in JAMA and NEJM with what's going on in medical blogs:

While this concern is worthy of consideration, are we asking physician bloggers to uphold a double standard? While most physician bloggers I know are keenly aware of the perils of patient identity disclosure, it seems we must go to unprecedented lengths to conceal the identity of ...


Could he have been saved today?

"This could be a recoverable injury, with a reasonable expectation he would survive," Scalea said.

The assassin's weapon was relatively impotent compared to the firepower now on the streets.

"He needed surgery, modern-day life support and the appropriate level of intensive care," he said.

Scalea and others will discuss how the brain injury - a small pistol ball lodged in Lincoln's ...


Pfizer's CFO resigned after Dr. Rost revealed possible corruption within Pfizer's finance department.

More abscess porn

Scalpel with a couple.

The owner of the Patriots is branching into outpatient medicine in their newest business venture around Gilette Stadium:

The same doctors who treat Tom Brady, Tedy Bruschi, and other New England Patriots players will soon be available to examine the knee your kid sprained at soccer practice.

Dr. Bertram Zarins and Dr. Thomas J. Gill , Massachusetts General Hospital orthopedic surgeons who serve as Patriots team doctors, will ...


The eternal battle continues.

More keagirl about a urologist's night on call:

I'm not being sexist, but you understand that as a urologist, I encounter mostly men who do this. So far, I've only seen one woman come in with a foreign object in the bladder/urethra. I'm sure my gynecologist colleagues could tell their own stories about retained vaginal foreign objects.

Urologist keagirl wonders if bad news should be given before or after a weekend.

I agree that the US health care has problems, but the solutions that Moore proposes may be even worse than the status quo:

Michael Moore is handing out fake bandages to promote his new film Sicko, an exposé of the failings of the U.S. health care system.

But he may feel like applying a couple to himself after the mauling he received yesterday from several Canadian journalists "“ ...


A woman discharged twice dies in the hospital during her third visit.


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(via The Medical Quack)

There's none left, according to Panda Bear:

We pay lip service to the idea of patient-centered health care of course, and including the patient as an equal partner in medical decisions is the New Religion. In our society however, where a physician can get sued for not having written on the discharge instructions for a dead crack dealer, "Return to Emergency Department if chest pain returns," well, there just isn't ...


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