Somebody always pays.

Losing lawyers try to re-litigate cases against a hospital that they have already lost.

To play World of Warcraft. The computer game company obliges.

David Catron looks deeper at this statistic frequently quoted in the media.

Parts four and five from Sid Schwab. A great read.

They're offering to cut funeral costs in the Netherlands for organ donors.

Yes, we have problems here in the US. But going to a single-payer system may be even worse than what we already have. It's safe to say Michael Moore didn't interview this patient:

David Malleau awoke in hospital with a gaping hole in his skull.

The 44-year-old Hamilton truck driver had suffered a devastating car accident in 2004 that forced doctors at Hamilton General Hospital to ...


Some die young, some age gracefully.

alli "honesty"

John Mack looks at GSK's campaign for alli (OTC orlistat).

It was available on their own website. In effect, Dr. Nissen used GSK's own data against them:

As it turns out, the first posting Glaxo made involved the same 65 Avandia studies that Nissen analyzed. "It was a treasure trove," the Cleveland Clinic cardiologist tells The New York Times.

Not surprisingly, Glaxo is none too happy. Ron Krall, Glaxo's chief medical officer for Glaxo says the drugmaker recognized ...


The Angry Pharmacist speculates: ". . . does anyone else see something wrong with believing a study that was funded by the COMPETITORS of GSK?"

The transition to EHRs is causing some physicians to lash out and seek psychological help:

According to Polles and to several physician-executives I spoke with after the session, some practicing physicians are getting so frustrated trying to figure out how to use EHRs that they're lashing out at their peers, co-workers and staff"”so much so that they need to seek professional help at places like Pine Grove. Said one physician-executive ...



No more periods for women. However, that may not be a selling point:

Some 60% of these women indicated they are, at the least, "interested" in the idea of putting their periods on hold. Many women unburdened themselves with complaints about that time of the month. The most common gripes were "cramping" and "changing pads/tampons."

But Wyeth has also found that many women aren't likely to become ...


Wondering who's behind the misspelled domain names like "" and ""? This former physician has found a more lucrative venture.

Another physician blog getting negative mainstream media attention for posting patient cases.

Plaintiff attorney Eric Turkewitz on what goes on behind the scenes.

In light of recent events, Scalpel revisits patient privacy and medical blogging.

Take a look at Italy:

Lorenzo Moja (Italian Cochrane Centre, Milan, Italy) and colleagues say that Italian doctors still rely heavily upon the pharmaceutical industry for their information needs. For example, a recent survey showed that general practitioners in Italy receive eleven visits per week by drug company sales representatives, and that many doctors believe that the information they receive from these reps is complete and sufficiently reliable.

All sponsoring Dog Bite Prevention Week.

The deck is stacked against physicians working in nursing homes:

All of this results in a significant amount of uncompensated care. Meanwhile, my elderly patients are living in their homes and independent living settings longer these days. That means the patients in nursing homes tend to be sicker and less medically stable, making more uncompensated work and more liability risk for the doctor . . .

. . ...


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