Having a positive online presence is more important than ever. (via the Health Business Blog)

The physician-bloggers from the Philippines are not happy.

Dr. Anonymous with his comments.

"A storm in a tea-cup."

Not so fast, says David Catron.

Recent observational studies suggest that women get less ICDs than men. Could it be due to sexism on the part of physicians?

Robert Centor tries to find a happy medium.


Malpractice fears has already decimated the VBAC (vaginal birth after C-section) in the US. This study isn't going to help things:

A Caesarean section increases the risk by 50-fold that a woman's uterus will rupture during a subsequent vaginal delivery, research suggests.

A torn uterus can put the life of both the mother and baby in danger.

US and Swedish researchers found the condition afflicted nine ...


Sermo has attracted some controversy lately regarding privacy issues. This is their response.

Kudos to this dedicated physician:

Dr. Anne Comi watches a technician pasting dozens of wires to the boy's scalp. She's betting on those electrodes to tell her if the damage has spread to the boy's tender brain - and whether she might be able to prevent the terrible damage it can do.

At 40, Comi is one of the world's few experts on Sturge-Weber syndrome, an obscure neurological disorder ...


Are the outcomes more similar than you think?

American are less healthy than Canadians. What this paper finds, however, is that this is mainly due to the fact that the U.S. has a higher incidence of disease. It turns out that Americans may have slightly higher access to treatment than Canadians.

On medication lists

Aggravated DocSurg on deciphering various interpretations of patients' medication lists.


What it's like to be one. I like this quote: "The OR is the same everyday, and somewhat boring. They say it's 90% boring, and 10% 'oh sh**!'"

The blue pill

What a sad story.

How an unethical physician can make the diagnosis of asbestosis and/or silicosis so easily. (via PointofLaw.com)

Certificates of merit

Will they reduce frivolous lawsuits? Well, the effectiveness can vary.

An anonymous medical blogger is sued for defamation, with HIPAA issues at play:

The blogger identifies himself under pseudonyms of fac_p and Frank Pasquale. Most blog commenters "” some of whom appear to be hospital employees "” are anonymous.

In June, Essent filed a defamation lawsuit in state district court against "John Does 1-10" for postings and comments made on the Paris blog, which the suit says has had ...


Probably less than you think. Read about some myths that are perpetuated by the media.


ED vs nursing home

A daily war. The ED wins this battle, but at a cost.

Another example of how patients don't really know what goes on behind the scenes:

"At some point, the doctor can't justify accepting an insurance that's not meeting his cost of business," Rietsema said. "The typical primary-care provider has an overhead of 60 to 70 percent. In the end, sometimes the doctor has no other choice" than to not accept a particular coverage.

"Patients will think that they have good ...


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