"Geriatrics ain’t sexy"

Why there will be a shortage of physicians for the baby-boomer explosion:

Why are so few medical students interested in geriatrics?

"What we found was that students have an interest in prestige," says Diachun. "They're worried about debt load. And many students are interested in developing technological or procedural skills."

Sometimes, doctors can't work by the clock. There are no defined hours for patient care.

Cosmetic charting

Dr. RW writes about how P4P will lead to an increase in chart games. EMRs already gives notes added verbosity (via templates and cut/paste), leading to an increase in coding. Once P4P comes into play, expect the templates to gear towards P4P goals - at the expense of meaningful clinical information.

Mark McClellan’s legacy

Joe Paduda: "McClellan may have done more to usher in national health care than anyone else."

This scenario happens all the time. Again, patients lose:

What would you do if you're a neurosurgeon and you understand neurosurgery better than anybody sitting a jury or a trial lawyer and you know this patient desperately needs you? But you know that the outcome (from a particular procedure) is terrible. So are you going to put your practice, your livelihood, your family and everything at risk by ...


No, just kidding. But physicians are finally wising up to an even greater threat: declining reimbursement.

Problems can arise if they are not challenged:

"The most common problem is that they don't learn to work," says Maureen Neihart, a clinical child psychologist and coauthor of the book "The Social and Emotional Development of Gifted Children." Children who earn good grades and high praise with relative ease may not learn how to try hard and to persevere when things are difficult. They can come to equate their ...


A reason why physician dissatisfaction will continue?

The problems in medicine are even more pronounced for female physicians, so it is not surprising that female physicians report more job stress, lower perceived wellness and more burnout than men. Women now make up almost 50 percent of medical school students, and so the problem with physician dissatisfaction is likely to get worse for this reason alone.

The white coat still is important:

Seventy-six percent of the respondents favored their doctors wearing a white coat. The next most common attire -- 10 percent -- was surgical scrubs.

The patients who participated in this study stated that their trust and confidence in the doctor was significantly associated with the physicians' attire. They were also more willing to share their social, sexual and psychological problems with doctors who ...


And it's only going to get worse.

And so starts an addiction that would cost him his job.

According to this Gallup survey:

Some jobs are highly regarded. The Gallup Poll asked 1,003 adults in April 2005: "Suppose a young man came to you for advice on choosing a line of work or career. What would you recommend?" The top answer was doctor (17 percent); the second was computers (11 percent). For "a young woman," the answers were doctor, 20 percent; nursing, 13 percent.

This is one thankless job. I'm surprised he stayed on as long as he did.

Something to think about for those scheduling for convenience:

Part of the reason for the increased mortality may be that labor, unpleasant as it sometimes is for the mother, is beneficial to the baby in releasing hormones that promote healthy lung function. The physical compression of the baby during labor is also useful in removing fluid from the lungs and helping the baby prepare to breathe air.

Death by stingray

Chris Rangel looks closer at Steve Irwin's tragic death.

Even though insurers are paying for them. The reason? It takes away from office visits, which in turn reduces revenue.

A new trend is occurring, taking "failure to diagnose" to extreme measures. A warning to primary-care physicians everywhere:

The growing acceptance of the lost chance doctrine represents a real threat to primary care physicians, who are often the first line of defense in diagnosing potentially serious conditions. But it also provides an alternative means of compensation for malpractice plaintiffs whose cancer or other conditions should have been diagnosed ...


The Katrina Blog Project

Fascinating memoirs from Michael Hebert, a physician who lived through Hurricaine Katrina.

Apparently the doctors in India refused to treat her due to her HIV status.

A fact that would have gone uncovered if cigarette companies had their choice:

The three most popular brands chosen by young smokers "” Marlboro, Newport and Camel "” all delivered significantly more nicotine as the years passed. Virtually all brands were found to deliver a high enough nicotine dose to cause heavy dependence. This trend has escaped notice because the standard government test uses a machine that fails to mimic ...


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