Hilarious - and oh so true. More on PBL (problem based learning).

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See which ads triggered nerve activity in the ventral striatum.

A Canadian law student wonders why not.

The majority of medical students in this forum feel positive about primary care, voting for this answer:

There is a future. Shortages will drive PCP salaries up and the field will remain alive and kickin'.

Glad to know someone is focusing on the important studies:

According to the December issue of the British Medical Journal, sword swallowers were more likely to sustain injury when distracted or when ingesting multiple or oddly shaped swords. For the latter, the report gives as examples the use of a curved saber. Of 46 swallowers who participated, 19 reported sore throats.

This PCP is frustrated that radiologists are blurting out diagnoses and suggesting treatments after imaging tests:

Several months ago a radiologist, after performing a bone scan on a patient with a PSA of 70, went out and told the assembled family that my patient was "full of cancer." Then he suggested a treatment direction which was somewhat different than what I had already discussed with the patient. Just the other ...


A Canadian doctor is calling for children to sue their smoking parents. (via Michael Siegel)

A lawyer coming on the short end of a verdict blames "outside forces":

"It's an uphill battle for any lawyer bringing a medical malpractice case," Carr said. "Who wants to go up against a jury where most of them have probably been brainwashed by propaganda about litigation?"

Is it going to come down to this? Utah is laying the groundwork to amend its state Constitution. Until then, health care continues to absolutely not be a right.

Privacy laws in the UK angers this patient. He wants his name displayed above his hospital bed:

"The nurse came round and rubbed everyone's names off. When we asked what was going on they said it was for patient confidentiality.

"I even said I was happy for them to leave my name up," said Mr Rattigan.

"When doctors, physios and people taking blood came to ...


GruntDoc with a Purell PSA last week. Now mainstream media is on the case:

"The widespread use of hand sanitizer is fraught with a great deal of danger," said Suzanne Doyon, medical director of the Maryland Poison Center, who co-authored a letter in the journal about the case. "From an infection control perspective, they are excellent. But there is this risk involved."

Purell, which is 70 percent ...


Interesting study. Punchstat is used to track punches during a boxing match. A study correlated the punches landed per round and "power punches" with a fatal outcome:

The results showed some significant differences between the fatal and average bouts. The number of punches landed per round was higher in fatal matches: 26.6 for the survivor versus 22.9 for the fighter who died, compared to 9.4 in the average ...


Most doctors are losing money over this, due to poor insurance reimbursement. At best, they break even. (via GruntDoc)

Earlier, he wanted to branch into stem cell storage. How health clinics. Sounds like the UK's version of Minute Clinics.

Jack Kevorkian artwork

They're all kinda creepy. Take this one, entitled "Fever":

"This is one of an original series of paintings (now lost) concerning various medical signs and symptoms. It depicts the great discomfort of intense bodily heat. The inferno is internal; and in some tragic cases even the will to live is charred."

More and more think so:

Warren related an anecdote to me from an Indian surgeon to put the issue in perspective. The surgeon was at a conference in the United States, and had been badgered repeatedly by American transplant surgeons on the point that payment for organs in India just had to be stopped. Finally, the Indian surgeon had his say. He said he understood what the American surgeons were ...


Tummy tuck

A plastic surgeon writes about the procedure, with pictures.

The bionic arm

Breakthrough procedure that allows her to move the artificial limb with the power of thought.

She has eaten 245 carrots in 25 days in a mission to see if her skin would turn orange.

It can be considered as providing material support to terrorists under federal law.

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