Good relationships between medical staff is not always a given.

Ear implated in arm


Everything you need to know. If you need to cite Kevin, M.D., here it is:

Pho K. Kevin, M.D.: medical Weblog [Internet]. Nashua (NH): Kevin Pho. [2004 May] - [cited 2007 May 16]. Available from:
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Blogging will be light through the weekend as I will be attending Pri-Med East 2007 in Boston. Anyone else going?

A traveling salesman offers his kidney:

Travelling salesman Jamie Howard offered up one of his kidneys after asking Paul Sucher to explain why he could not afford a new vacuum cleaner.

The "right" to hats

Which is why a "right" to health care is a recipe for disaster.

Regarding CYA/defensive medicine, is the best defense really a good offense? Order a battery of tests and referrals? Should physicians be resigned to this fate?

A glimpse of the future? Funny stuff from Panda.

People who write board exam questions really have a disconnect with what happens in the real world.

Jason Kottke's comment on celebrities visiting multiple hospitals:

I wish Mr. Brown a speedy recovery and hope he isn't required to visit too many more hospitals before receiving the care he needs.

Placebo Television #7

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The latest John Stossel insight. (via Catron)

The emergency room as the great equalizer.

With a nod to Bill Belichick, it is what it is.


Don't forget to cook your pork.

No problems with money in dentistry:

. . . dental fees have risen much faster than inflation. In real dollars, the cost of the average dental procedure rose 25 percent from 1996 to 2004. The average American adult patient now spends roughly $600 annually on dental care, with insurance picking up about half the tab.

Dentists' incomes have grown faster than that of the typical American and the ...


A hospital ran out of medicinal alcohol to treat this case of ethylene glycol poisoning.


His sensible suggestion:

My proposed solution for this problem is to restore the free market to medicine by allowing balance-billing of Medicare services and copays for Medicaid patients. Only when physicians are allowed to charge market price for their services will the proper incentives be restored. Not only will more physicians be likely to accept Medicare patients, but they will be able to spend more time with them as ...


Surgical model

A glass fiber surgical model with pig's organs is being used for surgery training.

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