Trace amounts of radioactive material may still be picked up by sensitive detectors.

But it's still like a job.

It wasn't doing well in June. Now it's closed.

Patients lose due to this financial move by the hospital.

Maria on chart jargon:

At 2:30am, no one wants to translate stuff like
34yo M STH OD 50 tabs trazodone (?dose). No AVH, IOR, TI, MR, PI. Recently released from KCJ for A4.
which means
34yo male stated to have overdosed on 50 tabs of trazodone (unknown dose). He denied auditory and visual hallucinations, ideas of reference, thought insertion, mind reading, or paranoid ideation. Recently released from King County Jail ...


His doctor attributed it to his improved lifestyle:

He suffered from heart failure, high blood pressure, diabetes, kidney function insufficiency, arthritis and anemia. He juggled at least 17 medications a day, including three to four shots of insulin.

"If you look at the big picture, it is absolutely astounding that he lived that long," Eagle said Friday. "His ability to get to today was largely due to his perfect ...


With its motion-sensitive controller, Scientific American wonders if it can help children work off the pounds.

Many aren't aware of the sacrifices and trade-offs that will have to be made:

In fact, a majority of Americans are relatively satisfied with their own health care. So they feel that "they have something to lose on a day-to-day basis" if the current system changes, said Blendon.

Moreover, when respondents answer relatively simple survey questions, they often do not consider all possible implications of health care changes. Support ...


Similar to Massachusetts' plan, it makes the most sense to me.

Not sure why anyone would do this:

Nurses who assisted at the procedure said they thought it hadn't succeeded and that Garcia had poured a liquid from one test tube into another before sending it to the lab.

Revenue is often cited as a barrier to physician-patient e-mail. This study suggests that patients may be willing to pay a small fee for this, generating revenue for the clinic:

This study suggests that patients of all ages are currently ready and willing to pay a small annual fee for online services with their primary care physician's office. If 47.1% of a practice of 2500 patients each paid ...


The reason: if something dangerous was found on the mammogram, there would be no one to follow-up - the radiologist doesn't want to be responsible for this.

Rachel Weisz says it's ok to drink alcohol during the first trimester of pregnancy. Physicians beg to differ.

Defending the NHS for spending vast sums of money on art and sculptures:

Unlike expensive equipment such as MRI scanners, which depreciate in value, carefully and shrewdly bought works of art are often a hospital's only appreciating assets.
(via Pigilito says...)

Called "payment by cuts" bonuses:

New pay structures for chief executives and senior managers earning £110,000 mean that their annual pay rises and performance bonuses will depend on their NHS organisations hitting financial goals.

But if they miss targets they will not receive a salary increase at all, prompting fears that managers will cut patient services to safeguard their earnings while making nurses and doctors redundant.

The Economist discusses this question:

But human kidneys are no ordinary commodity. Trading them is banned in most countries. So supply depends largely on the charity of individuals: some are willing to donate one of their healthy kidneys while they are still alive (at very little risk to their health); others agree to let their kidneys be used when they die. Unsurprisingly, with altruism the only incentive, not enough ...


Dr. Charles is bitter

He's preparing for a deposition, and writes about our lawsuit culture which unfairly penalizes good doctors in many cases.

With insurers paying more for procedures, physicians are imposing "mandatory" diagnostic tests to pay the bills.

Another example of how physicians get blamed for bad outcomes out of their control.

Medicare can spend $19 billion less on end-of-life care and still achieve the same results.

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