Techmed parody: Using gadgets to lower fevers.

"Ferringer connected the water-cooling system and a couple of heatsinks to his daughter and reduced her fever. 'I figured the system cools down my processor which runs a lot hotter than my daughter. Why couldn't it cool her down? She did scream a bit when her hair got tangled in the fan, but we took care of that.'


A new law in Canada allows children to sue their mothers for damage suffered in the womb:

Alberta has become the first province in Canada to enact legislation allowing children to sue their mothers for injuries suffered in the womb. But the law applies only to damage suffered in car accidents.

"If Mr. Cruise and Ms. Holmes want their child to be a film star, they should wait until he or she is born." Doctors respond to Tom Cruise as ultrasound technician.

Interesting, pay-for-performance ended up putting the NHS further in debt:

Both the consultants' and GPs' contracts cost the department more than it expected. GPs achieved more "quality points" "” a device to boost earnings of those who deliver better services, consisting largely of nagging patients to have tests. That added £400 million, while consultants cost £90 million more than expected.
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Effects of the $36 million malpractice award: Doctors, patients lose; lawyers win. "And doctors want to point out that everyone will be impacted by this $36 million jury award.

Fleishman says, 'It comes from society, we all pay it one way or another. Health care premiums are skyrocketing on an annual basis.'

That doctor involved in the lawsuit, Dr. Peter Doelger, has been named a top doctor by ...


The Wisconsin governor vetoes a bill to reinstate malpractice caps.

"I think that's just a lot." "Police say Jack Martin went to at least 10 different doctors to fill 20 different prescriptions. In the past three years he got his hands on nearly four-thousand pills."

A doctor in India is fired for fainting on duty. "Kalania and his two colleagues, also doctors from J J Hospital, were in an ambulance following the presidential convoy.

They were not given any food or water and could not leave the ambulance due to security reasons. After eight hours, Kalania fainted as his blood sugar levels dropped to below normal levels."

A blood donor with HIV infected at least 23 people in China.

The world's first face transplant recipient suffered her injuries after trying to commit suicide. "Isabelle Dinoir, 38, was disfigured when her dog tried to wake her after she took an overdose of sleeping pills, said her 17-year-old daughter.

She added: 'We don't know whether it bit or clawed her, but it managed to pull her awake. In a way, it was lucky for her that the dog was ...


Scarlet letters: Doctors involved in a misdiagnosis are publicly named. It seems that up to six physicians evaluated a 29-year old with back pain. Turns out she had Ewing's sarcoma (200 new cases in the US per year).

I think after reading this, a whole lot more back MRIs will be ordered now.

A retired physician longs for the old days of medicine. " The insurance companies and managed health care destroyed doctor-patients relationships. Home visits became economically impossible, while paperwork necessitated the need to hire office personnel.

Managed health care forced life-long patients to go elsewhere. People were forced to spend hours and even days to schedule blood tests and other medical needs."

Chris Rangel gives some sound diet advice.

Hired gun: Ted Frank takes a look at the recent "expert" testimony at the current Vioxx trial. "But what Lucchesi actually opined was that Irvin took Vioxx for 23 days, and that Vioxx was "highly likely" to be responsible for Irvin's death. And it's this opinion that I object to.

What is highly likely? Two-thirds? Four-fifths? Ninety percent? These numbers would translate into relative risks of 3.0, 5.0, and ...


Not immune: Veterinarians are being sued for malpractice. "'When it came down to it, the doctor made a death decision for this dog rather than provide 24-hour emergency care,' said Breyer, whose Chicago practice is the first in Illinois to focus on animal law."

A physician is accused of advising football players on how to beat drug tests.

Meet "Miss Positive 2005", winner of a beauty pageant for HIV+ women.

File under "they needed a study for this?" - Marijuana raises the risk of car crashes: "In a population-based, case-controlled study of more than 9,000 drivers with known drug and alcohol blood concentrations, he and colleagues found a positive test for cannabis to be associated with a three times greater risk of being responsible for a fatal road crash (odds ratio 3.32, 95% confidence interval 2.63 to 4.18)."

The ethical concerns of the partial face transplant in France. "A French national ethics committee, which has approved partial face transplants but not full ones, has said that 'the very notion of informed consent is an illusion' in such surgery.

'The surgeon cannot make any promises regarding the results of his restorative efforts, which are always dubious,' the committee's report said, adding that 'authentic consent, therefore, will never ...