Kind of how politicians here don't use Medicare:

Almost four out of ten GPs have so little faith in the Health Service that they would rather be treated privately, a survey shows today.

Of the 600 family doctors questioned, 28 per cent have actually taken out private medical insurance to avoid being treated on the NHS, and a further 10 per cent said they would opt for private ...

Read more... on the psychological issues astronauts face.

Applause to those who continue the good fight of keeping personal responsibility a part of health care:

For Racer's and Micali's views to prevail will be an uphill fight. These views will require Americans to take responsibility for their health, to become sophisticated health care shoppers, to choose between health care competitors, and to overcome the notion that health care is a special entitlement, immune to market forces and ...


Too bad there aren't enough midwives. More NHS follies.

For those who continue to think there is an association with vaccines and autism:

Perhaps the key fact, which has garnered little attention, is that thimerosal has been removed from vaccines in this and other countries for many years, with no obvious impact on the incidence of autism.

Some OBs think so:

Flamm says that notwithstanding the WHO recommendation -- which followed the same official U.S. health recommendations in the Healthy People 2000 initiative -- there isn't enough data to say what the appropriate C-section rate should be.

"Some of my colleagues think it should be higher," Flamm says. "I have heard some doctors say that all women should have babies by C-section, that vaginal births are ...


She was sent home twice for flu-like symptoms without antibiotics. This will make me think twice about doing the same:

The award stems from the March 1999 death of Mary O'Sullivan, an Irish immigrant who went to Newport Hospital three times in four days with flu-like symptoms and ended up dying of complications from streptococcus pneumonia, Decof said.

The lawsuit claimed that Dr. Charles L. Stengel, who ...


Are Christmas parties to blame?

Scalpel comes up with something more practical.

Well, it's not the US, which comes in at number 9.

This was inevitable with the surge of alternative incomes in medicine:

At the Mitchell Dental Spa in Chicago, patients are offered a flat-screen TVs to watch while the dentist is drilling, not to mention 10-minute spa treatments, including cooling eye masks and back massages by an on-staff massage therapist "” all free with usual dental care.

"If you have to have a dental procedure, nobody's looking forward to it. ...


Follow-up to the case where the parents intentionally overdosed their daughter with clonidine. Is the blame starting to be shifted to the doctor?

Her license is now suspended.

Are doctors withholding information on procedures they don't agree with?

Medpundit is angry with the media's interpretation of the study.

It's orlistat-lite. Loose stools is the major side effect. (image via PharmaGossip)

Aptly titled, Medical Student in Debt, a blog asking for donations to fund this student's medical school education. (via Dr. Crippen)

A small number of patients account for an inordinate amount of ER visits. Some say that drug seeking behavior is part of the cause:

Drug-seeking behavior is at the core of the problem, says Neven. Forget the stereotype of homeless people or drunks who just need a place to sleep it off, he says. Many have chronic pain, have been struggling with it for years, and are being prescribed ...


Apparently, only Xopenex HFA is covered. One of the more asinine decisions I've heard. Medicaid shunning generics for an expensive brand-name medication.

As several insurers have found out.

A few quips on how he's spending his time now.

A doctor in Antarctica

A UK GP tells of the challenges of Antarctic medicine.

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