Another perverse application in the YouTube generation. Anorexics are posting "bodyshots" and asking readers to comment if they look fat.

#1 Dinosaur writes about the experience. I think that most patients will pay the $20 without too much fuss.

A former NHS-supporting MP is set to sue to get her required treatment. A warning to those who want a similar system here:

A former MP who is going blind is set to sue the NHS after it refused to give her a new drug that could help save her sight, it emerged yesterday.

Veteran left-winger Alice Mahon has lost most of the sight in one eye ...


From the new drug-gossip blog, Pharmalot:

A handful of professors scoured the ads that ran during a month's worth of prime-time and evening-newshour television and saw this:

1 - The ads "provide limited information about the causes of a disease or who may be at risk;
2 - The ads show people who've lost control of their lives without help from medicines;
3 - The ads "minimize" the virtues ...


Hey, for once I agree with Flea's stance. He writes on the advent of retail medical clinics:

Fleas have no one to blame but themselves for the retail-clinic phenomenon. We triage patients to the ED after hours. We refuse to make ourselves available by phone and email after hours. We educate our patients to the effect that minor illnesses require intervention by a "health care provider".

All these ...


Medical schools are starting to incorporate evidence-bereft alternative medicine courses. The AMSA blindly supports the beginning of the end for the traditional medical curriculum. Dr. RW with more.

More stupid Rozerem ads

John Mack dissects the latest one.

Ironically, a law meant to help consumers is now hurting them:

The "pay to delay" deals are an anti-consumer twist on a law that was meant to help the public. The law was supposed to encourage generics to negotiate settlements that would bring them to market sooner, but the result has been a delayed market entry. Typically, the price of the first generic on the market is 20 ...


Sid Schwab shares his wisdom.

Patients have been conditioned to expect a wait when seeing a doctor.

Guess the country

" . . . we are not spending our health-care dollars on hospitals, better front-line services, doctors and equipment. Instead, we spend too much money on bureaucracy and the flavor-of-the-moment programs with catchy names, all of which are burgeoning at a scandalous rate."

Single-payer Canada is clearly having their own problems.

A boy underwent hormone injections at the age of 12:

Psychiatrists treating her say she was an'exceptional case "“ a person clearly in the wrong body', even though the decision to grant her wishes when she was so young is still the subject of intense debate.

Faces of meth

Some scary before and after photos of meth abuse.

A dominant health insurer is bullying physicians, and along with malpractice premiums, Hawaii's health system is being destroyed:

Despite the public perception that doctors are affluent, many private-practice physicians are earning only $50,000 to $60,000 a year after costs, she said.

"For me, I pretend I'm in a Third World country doing my community service and I get by," Rasmussen said.

Roughly a quarter nationwide. In Minnesota, it's as high as 60 percent.

He wants every third Friday in February to be National Health Day.

Gullible physicians who ignored multiple red-flags on route to being duped.

The bizarre disease of body identity integrity disorder (BIID), where there is a need to remove one or more healthy limbs:

Removing the next leg will not be any easier than the first; the pain will be horrendous. But I have no regrets about the path I have chosen. In fact, if I regret anything, it is that I didn't do this sooner. For the first time in my life, ...


Dealers are trying to hide behind the Compassionate Use Act:

Half the calls to criminal defense attorney Ben Rice are people busted for growing, selling or using marijuana.

Rice has developed a reputation for protecting the rights of those who buy and sell the drug under the 10-year-old state law that makes marijuana legal for sick people.

While most of those seeking Rice's services are legitimate medical marijuana ...


Welcome to the club pharmacy colleagues. Replace "prescriptions" with "patients", and you get an accurate description of what doctors have been going through for years (expletives replaced in the quote):

So we already are giving away a valuable service for free rather than just machine-gunning Rx's out and making the store some money. Here is where the insurance companies take a good natured thing that we do for society, ...


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