Wal-Mart is sued for not stocking emergency contraception pills. "The plaintiffs are Katrina McCarty of Somerville, Julie Battel of Boston, and Rebekah Gee, of Boston. All three were turned away when they tried to buy emergency contraception pills at area Wal-Marts."

Just in - the latest wait times in Ontario, Canada:

Last October and November, the average wait in Ontario was 34 days for cancer surgery, 138 days for cataract surgery, 150 days for hip replacement, 203 days for knee replacement, 46 days for an MRI and 30 days for a CT exam.

Kind of common sense: Anger precedes most injuries.

Malpractice by a naturopathic physician. It's called homicide.

Bizarre non-medical site of the week: The Lego Suicides. Various ways to kill yourself with Legos. (via kottke.org)

Many drugmakers are cutting their free or discounted medication programs. "Several of the nation's largest drug manufacturers say they will no longer provide free or discounted medications to low-income elderly and disabled patients because they should be covered by the new Medicare drug benefit.

But for about 1 million Americans with serious illnesses such as AIDS and cancer -- patients who last year relied on the pharmaceutical industry's ...


"After Polite Sessions, Letters Filled With Anti-Semitism". Fascinating case from the NY Times:

It was hardly funny at the time, but my patient gave new meaning to the phrase "insane bigotry." There was no question that that he suffered from chronic paranoid schizophrenia. He had been seen at our clinic for many years before I was on the staff, and his pathology was voluminously documented. But it seemed that ...


A warning about "spare part" babies. ". . . once a child has been created to save a sibling, there could be a temptation to view them as a spare parts bank."

More on the alternative medicine clinics in Mexico where Coretta Scott King died:

The Tijuana area has been a mecca for alternative medicine for more than 40 years, reaching the height of its fame in 1980 after actor Steve McQueen was treated for cancer at another Rosarito Beach clinic with laetrile, a treatment made from apricot pits. McQueen died a few months after his treatment.

Donsbach has had a ...


A blind woman regains her sight after a heart attack.

A lawyer uses his background as a doctor to recruit Vioxx plaintiffs. However, Overlawyered looks deeper at this shady marketing:

The newspaper asks medical ethicist Arthur Caplan about Goldstein's "selective use of parts of his medical background to recruit legal clients". Caplan's response: "I think it's sleazy".

More are searching for a doctor by affinity group:

Several Web sites can help consumers find doctors and other health care providers with specified characteristics, including race, religion and sensitivity to sexual orientation.

The sites -- which list physicians who are African American, Christian or "gay- or lesbian-friendly" -- are putting a new spin on affinity-group marketing, a tactic usually associated with insurance or real estate sales.

"We ...


Via Grand Rounds, Dr. Charles talks about being sued:

But instead of hearing his words I only saw them twisted and misrepresented by a phantom lawyer pouring over my notes, even as I presently jotted them down in the chart. The lawyer was fat, sweaty, and angry as he sat his corpulence upon my shoulder to see what I was writing. I recognized him from daytime television commercials on ...


The Boston Globe reports on the "flying ICU", which evacuated the wounded ABC newscasters from Iraq:

"What you saw is why these two guys are alive, and why so many of our soldiers are still alive," said Dr. Laurence Ronan, a Massachusetts General Hospital internist who was on the flight that carried Vogt and Woodruff out of Iraq. "It is amazing, cutting edge medicine."

A nursing home employee raping a 92-year old demented resident is not medical malpractice.

A physician on futile end-of-life care: ". . . the health care equivalent of Hail Mary passes."

I often wonder what medical malpractice is like overseas. Here's a story of medical malpractice in Japan:

"We are at war with hierarchical, old-fashioned Japanese society," says Doctor A. "But we are doctors so it is our responsibility to put the dignity of patients first."

Mr. Cummings was operated on by doctors using a relatively new neurosurgery procedure called endovascular coiling, which involves threading a catheter from a ...


Are children of scientists more prone to autism? "The recent rise in autism may have been driven by the tendency of like-minded engineers, physicists, mathematicians and other 'systemizers' to marry each other, according to a Cambridge University professor."

NY Times: "The homeless die at twice the rate of other New Yorkers, and AIDS and substance abuse account for a third of all their deaths but fewer than 5 percent of deaths in the general population, according to the study released yesterday."

Feds drop fraud case after physician dies. How thoughtful of them.

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