Doctors who deny

Are doctors who work for health insurance administration breaking the Hippocratic Oath?

Many of these health plan doctors, whose job it is to reject claims, end up being paid to violate the Hippocratic oath they took when they graduated from medical school "“ to "first, do no harm." The American Medical Association's position on physicians' behavior outside the exam room is very clear: "Physicians in administrative and other nonclinical ...


Poor reimbursement and high cost are reasons why:

Teri Perryman, a doctor in Kerrville, Tex., is not only avoiding Gardasil and RotaTeq, but also not offering the new meningitis vaccine, flu shots or new expensive combination products like one that combines the chickenpox vaccine with the measles-mumps-rubella vaccine, according to her husband, Kevin Perryman, who helps manage the practice.

Other doctors are asking patients to pay upfront or, in ...


I heard an ad on the radio touting this study. Looks like they are trying to get patients on their side after UnitedHealth's ridiculous decision to exclusively go with LabCorp and fining physicians who stay with Quest.

What affects ER visitation patterns? Trench Doc looks further.

Physicians are looking for more protection under a Good Samaritan law:

M-Power Ministries and the nonprofit Alabama Association of Free Clinics are asking the state to help. Specifically, they want the Legislature to add retired doctors to the list of professionals protected by the 2000 Good Samaritan law. They also want the state to look for ways to provide liability coverage to retired but uninsured doctors.

Ryan ...


A neurologist loses a verdict in a back surgery case. He was in the OR for less than 10 minutes, and didn't even operate on the patient. He got caught in the crossfire of a shotgun lawsuit. An unfortunate outcome, but the wrong doctor was targeted.

A major contributor to soaring health care costs today.

Idiocy in Missouri

You now have to specifically prescribe generics in order for it to be dispensed. No more generic substitutions for brand name medications in Missouri. That's the dumbest thing I've heard in awhile. Big Pharma must be behind this.

TBTAM has more on this - apparently it's not as bad as first thought. Thank God:

Okay, here's the scoop. ...


It has come to my attention that my blog has formatting problems - there is a large gap in the right hand column - in IE. Since I use Mozilla exclusively, I didn't notice until now.

If anyone can give suggestions to fix this problem, please comment below.

Much appreciated.

This has been fixed. Thanks to those who emailed me.

A study suggests that the attractiveness of the defendants can sway the jury.

Web sites to navigate health information on the internet are popping up daily.

Medical junk mail

A comment on a problem deluging every physician today:

Another perpetual favorite is the large envelope that has the word "alert" or "urgent" or some other term betokening a missive of critical importance. Since it is now common for medications that have been used efficaciously for years to be discovered to have ghastly side effects that, curiously, none of my own patients have ever reported, I always open these ...


10 myths about EHRs

The first myth: "EHRs will fix everything." (via Dr. RW and Medpundit)

Orac and The Cheerful Oncologist with insightful analysis.

Orac comments on the survival rate: "Probably a reasonable expectation for a single isolated small skeletal metastasis is for a five-year survival rate of around 30-40%, maybe even slightly better than that."

Sid Schwab chimes in.

Targeting the busy traveler:

Conveniently located in Terminal C at Newark Liberty International Airport, Harmony Pharmacy will redefine America's retail drugstore shopping experience. From dispensing prescriptions to offering access to an on-site nurse practitioner to providing an exceptional shopping experience, Harmony Pharmacy is bringing together the best aspects of a traditional European pharmacy coupled with a service focused staff to reach today's busy traveler.
(via The Health Care Blog)

Gray’s Anatomy

No, not the show, but the man behind the iconic text.

Being the intern on night float is a harrowing, and sometimes dangerous, experience. Inexperience, combined with cross-covering entire services, leads to mistakes.

Paul Levy writes about the system some hospitals are implementing to help deal with this issue.

Sam Blackman's blog entry (no longer posted) has stirred some controversy, with a prominent pickup in the Boston Herald:

A nurse's discovery of a Webcam hooked up by parents in their child's Boston hospital room has stunned the patient's doctor, raised a mound of privacy issues and potentially left medical staff looking over their shoulders.

Dr. Samuel Blackman, a pediatric oncologist at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, would not speak ...


Her invasive ductal breast cancer, which I wrote about when she was first diagnosed, has returned.

Although I give John Edwards plenty of heat on this blog, I do wish him and his family all the best during this difficult time.

Apparently, Texas is one of the few states where hospital officials can override an advanced directive or living will. An infant case is causing some controversy.

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