Treat Yourself: An ode to everyone suffering during this opioid epidemic. From the one and only ZDoggMD.

Medical students are told two things: The first is that we are the future generation of health care. We are the ones who have the potential to make a difference, and we will lead the revolution. The second is that our current spot in the medical hierarchy is definitively at the bottom of the totem pole, where we are too powerless and inexperienced to have any tangible impact. How can both be ...


Medical student Jamie Katuna brilliantly encapsulates the state of medicine via spoken word. Here's what she says: the state of medicine now does not appeal to me lousy crowded inhumane insane how we treat those in pain they're confused they feel abused used by a system they didn't choose coerced forced to be treated like another digit a statistic, a misfit, what is this? in our quest for efficiency doctors must work relentlessly endlessly till they are spent, and see no satisfaction no chance for compassionate action they can't thrive just ...


Physiatry resident Danielle Saenz previously shared her last year of medical school.  In her follow-up video, she shares the first year of residency.  Thank you for sharing your journey!

Danielle Saenz is a physiatry resident.  During her last year of medical school, she used her iPhone to record one second of every day.   She shares her journey in this special video.

"You care more about the computer than you do about me!" Thank you for creating what needs to be said, Healthcare Not Fair.

Pathologists ensure the safety of the blood supply.  Here's how they do it.  Created by the College of American Pathologists.

Watch how pathologists help the early detection of women's cancers.  Created by the College of American Pathologists.

Props to Elana Miller at Zen Psychiatry.  Truly inspiring.

Be involved, and ask to see your pathology report.  Once you do that, the College of American Pathologists shows you how to read it.

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