Thanks to internist Steven Mussey for translating the language of hospital administrators.

Good luck to the medical students taking USMLE Step 1. After studying, enjoy this video from the Howard University College of Medicine Class of 2019.

Nirmal Gosalia at DocThoughts interviews Dr. Vineet Arora about how doctors and medical students can leverage social media platforms to advance their practice of medicine.

I’m entitled and lazy A whiny little baby I’m a disgraceful human in general Because I am a millennial And people say we are the worst Always putting ourselves first We should get a real job and settle down But our priorities are reversed Every old generation Thinks the new one is mistaken And so every new generation Is made fun of and hated This old adage has been true for ages so Just embrace it Because we dictate the future We are powerful ...


March is colon cancer awareness month. Created by gastroenterologist Amit Sachdev, this video was selected by the American Society of Gastrointestinal Endoscopy as part of their colorectal cancer screening campaign.  Enjoy. Image credit:

Kafui Dzirasa, MD, PhD is a physician-scientist. Watch his compelling story on Black Men In White Coats.

Jamie Katuna continues her mission of debunking health myths.

Ejiofor Ezekwe, Jr., PhD, is a medical student. Watch his compelling story on Black Men In White Coats.

In what has been called the “opioid epidemic,” we talk a lot about two groups of people: 1. Patients who try to con their physician to get an opioid prescription, and 2. Physicians who capitalize on these patients by creating “pill-mill” clinics (that dispense opioids generously). This narrative results in top-down regulations that restrict the relationship between physicians and patients everywhere. Doctors are often blamed for the problem, so new guidelines target them. ...


Going outside in cold weather gives you a cold? Eating turkey makes you sleepy? Gum stays in your stomach for seven years? Separate these myths and more from truths. Jamie Katuna is a medical student.  She can be reached on Facebook.

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