"It's my hope that one day the health plans will reimburse everybody for a comedy rental." Enjoy the comedy stylings of Brad Nieder, MD. See more at the Healthy Humorist.

Watch Dr. Vaughn Browne's emergency medicine journey. Courtesy of Black Men in White Coats.

A sense of purpose inspires one physician to seek ways to help others. “Loving what I do makes it very easy to get up out of bed and come to work, even when faced with potentially really serious situations.” #BornToHeal Courtesy of the American Medical Association (AMA).

Dr. Leon Pedell on why doctors need to become pharmacologists. Courtesy of Before the Floors.

Dr. Leon Pedell discusses why medical students must read and be lifelong learners.  Courtesy of Before the Floors.

Dr. Leon Pedell why it's so important for physicians to have relationships with patients' families. Courtesy of Before the Floors.

Watch Bailey Alexander Loving's compelling medical student journey. Courtesy of Black Men in White Coats.

Can medical marijuana be funny? Physician-comedian Brad Nieder, MD says yes. See more at the Healthy Humorist.

Dr. Leon Pedell discusses algorithms and detective work in medical care. Courtesy of Before the Floors.

By now I’m sure you’ve heard about British woman who reportedly showed up for cataract surgery only to have her doctors discover that 27 contact lenses were unknowingly stuck IN her eye:
After this news story broke, many friends and family reached out to me asking how this could be possible! Here I will explain how this is (and isn't) possible by clarifying some ...


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