What do EMTs do in between calls?  Talented folks, those first responders.

Cute.  From Buzzfeed.

You need to watch ZDoggMD's latest.  This is one of the most powerful videos you'll see.  Ever. From ZDoggMD himself: "Here’s Ain’t The Way To Die, based on the Eminem and Rihanna masterpiece Love The Way You Lie. It’s the first video we’ve made that is not funny -- well, that is not funny on purpose, in any case. We initially planned to use blatant comedy to break down taboos around the process ...


How does heartburn turn into a multi-thousand dollar workup?  The simple answer: defensive medicine.  See how this scenario plays out daily in this latest episode from Healthcare Not Fair.

Healthcare Not Fair is a web series taking a satirical look at our dysfunctional health system.  Taken from the perspective of the beleaguered physician, real-life internist Waqas Khan shows you why the American dream for physicians is threatened now, more than ever. (Warning: Explicit language.)

ZDoggMD was a hospitalist in a past life, so he knows all about hospital readmissions.  Here are his R&B stylings on the ridiculousness surrounding the issue.

Medical student Justin Dubin gives an engaging talk on the Socratic paradox and how it applies to medicine. Part of the Rutgers Robert Wood Johnson Medical School Med Talks 2014 series.

A patient undergoing a colonoscopy pressed "record" on his smartphone before being sedated, hoping to capture instructions from his physicians after the procedure.  What he heard instead was shocking: "In addition to their vicious commentary, the doctors discussed avoiding the man after the colonoscopy, instructing an assistant to lie to him, and then placed a false diagnosis on his chart." The incident cost his anesthesiologist $500,000 in the ensuing malpractice and defamation ...


Want to learn about sepsis?  This video from the residents at UCLA-Kern Medical Center teaches you, Justin Timberlake style. Get your sepsy on!

ZDoggMD with a Katy Perry-inspired take on sleep apnea.  CPAP users rejoice! For those without sleep apnea, watch and you'll something too.

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