Watch medical students sing The Book of Mormon! Frank Netter will indeed change your life.

Another year of medical school soon begins.  There’s no better way to greet incoming students than this The Book of Mormon parody from the University of Chicago Pritzker School of Medicine (who also brought you their gone-viral rendition of Let It Go).  Good luck, first-year medical students: The book of Netter’s will indeed change your life.

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  • Suzi Q 38

    Is this the famous Dr. Netter who was also an accomplished artist?
    I have a few of his books produced by CIBA GEIGY Pharmaceutical Company. His drawings of the human body are really good.

    • Kristy Sokoloski

      Suzi Q,

      Yes, this is the one and the same. I have the anatomical textbook. I love it. And yes, his drawings are awesome. I found out about the textbook when I was working at one of the hospitals back in 2002 from one of the Pediatric residents. Dr. Netter was a surgeon full-time and did the illustrating on the side until he discovered that he made more money from doing the illustrations. So as a result he became a full time medical illustrator. It’s the most amazing textbook I have seen when it comes to illustrations. For the actual science and explanations of anatomy the book by Ken Saladin was fantastic. Netter’s book and the book Saladin (which was used in my Anatomy class while I was going through my Gen Eds for Nursing School) were fantastic, and they both helped immensely. They are the gold standard as far as I am concerned. If you want to see a bit more of Dr. Netter’s stuff go to:

      • Suzi Q 38

        Thanks. I know I have several of these books.
        I remember they were huge texts, green, with a bit of texture on the cover. There was a black box print on the front with gold lettering.
        One I had was named “The Respiratory System and ?”
        I think they are in my attic, LOL.

        • Kristy Sokoloski

          Thanks. :) I know that there also was a book specifically done for OB/GYN that I would also like to get. Also, here’s the correct link for the site about Dr. Netter:

  • Kristy Sokoloski

    I have Dr. Netter’s anatomical text and I absolutely love it. I used it along with my classroom book by Ken Saladin and was able to pass both of my anatomy classes. A&P and Microbiology were my two favorite classes.

  • Kristy Sokoloski

    He actually did practice Medicine for a time:

    • ninguem

      Yes, and it being the Depression, there was no money in it.

      He went back to illustration, as he needed to make a living.

      • ninguem

        Speaking of not having money, here’s a sketch from Coimbra, Portugal, where the students have been doing this since the 13th century, and for pretty much the same reason, not having a pot to pee in. They’re singing about, basically, being in hock, starving, bathing in the Mondego (the river thru Coimbra).

        • ninguem

          A caloiro is a freshman. They say no animals were molested in this sketch. I hope.

        • Kristy Sokoloski

          Yep, good point. And they were even pretty good. Thanks for sharing that.

          • ninguem

            They’re singing about having a very bad Christmas, with bills to pay, in arrears on their tuition, family won’t have codfish (a traditional meal), soon they’ll be doctors, but now they can’t pay the electric bill, (jokes that maybe a lady might keep him warm).

            Portugal’s economy is down the drain, like the Greeks. I like this part, at about 1:20

            Coimbra cidade
            Coimbra, the city

            De um paÍs de aldrabões
            In a country of crooks

            Aldrabões = liars, thieves, crooks……used in connection with, say, Congress, lawyers, Chicago city aldermen

            Das reformas duvidosas
            Of dubious reforms

            A um governo devedor
            A debtor government

            The students wear the traditional gowns as they have since the 13th century.

            Then see the guy in the power suit and the pink tie. He steals the mandolin case with what little money they got.

            He runs off, he’s saying sort of the Portuguese equivalent of “the check’s in the mail”.

            I’m thinking lawyer, hospital administrator.

            Some things are universal.

          • Kristy Sokoloski

            Thanks for the translation. Several parts I understood but there were still parts I wasn’t quite sure of because my Spanish is not the best. And my grandmother on my mom’s side of the family was from Panama. She was an RN.

  • Suzi Q 38

    We used to give them away as pharmaceutical promotional items. I would give them to doctors who were nice and made the time to see me when I was a rep.
    The company used to mail me a case or two every 6 months.

    I was shocked that you could still buy certain copies on Amazon for a reasonable amount of money.

  • ninguem

    By the name, perchance, are you related to Frank Netter?

  • Francine Mary Netter Roberson

    Yes, Frank Netter was my dad.

    • ninguem

      You are one lucky daughter I’d say.

      He was a great man.

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