Question your medical tests? Oh yeah, it’ll make you happy!

Who knew questioning medical tests could be so much fun? Watch Pharrell Williams’ “Happy” with lyrics that advocate more sensible medical testing. James McCormick, co-host of the Best Science Medicine Podcast, wrote this pitch perfect parody.  The ABIM Foundation’s Choosing Wisely campaign educates both physicians and the public to question medical tests and treatments.

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  • Kristy Sokoloski

    What an excellent way to explain a serious subject. I recently made the decision to cut out well woman exams and last year was the time I put that decision in to action. I am making a similar decision about annual physical exams, and this year will be the last time that I have an annual physical exam. This was not an easy decision to make, but it’s the best decision for me as these exams and the tests associated with them are not beneficial to me. And yes, I have told some of my friends of this decision for which I was criticized.

  • RenegadeRN

    I LOVED that video! As I was watching, I was thinking of all the people in my life I thought should see it. Thank you for posting it. Common sense in a video, who knew?

  • Chiked

    Very nice video….and at the risk of appearing to hijack this post, I think this video illustrates what I have been screaming for years. The human body is a perfect vessel. Eat organic, get proper rest and light to moderate activity will keep you away from doctors for years. Doctors who try to shove pill after pill or flu shot after flu shot simply don’t get it.

    • Sherri Loeb

      While it would be wonderful if eating organic, getting proper rest and light to moderate activity would put all physicians and the healthcare profession out of business, in reality that is a pipe dream. I don’t think people go to school to become physicians to “shove pill after pill down people’s throats”. I think preventive health is critical to keep a lot of people healthy and “happy”, but it isn’t the be all end all, and preventive care by physicians is still necessary. So lets sing the “happy dance” when we get good results too!

      • Chiked

        “I don’t think people go to school to become physicians to “shove pill after pill down people’s throats”

        They may not go to school for it but that is what they eventually become. Root of the problem is the unhealthy relationship medicine shares with pharmaceutical companies. Big pharma sponsors clinical research, continuing educational conferences, buildings. You name it and big pharma is ready to back it. They do it because it works.

  • Chiked

    I disagree but I will leave it at that to avoid steering the discussion. But in my previous comments, I have discussed many of the fallacies of the flu shot.

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