Everything you need to know about back pain in 11 minutes

Family physician Mike Evans is famous for his terrific whiteboard videos, where he distills complex medical ideas to its most understandable essence.  Here, he tackles low back pain, a condition that most adults will experience sometime during their lives. Watch and learn how more tests for back pain isn’t necessarily better.

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  • buzzkillerjsmith

    Run-of-the-mill back pain is managed as follows:

    “Leave my office post haste, sir or madam, and don’t come back unless you continue to have pain for 6 weeks or have red-flag symptoms, which will be enumerated on the paper my medical assistant will give you now as I leave and go see a patient with a real problem–well, maybe a real problem. Do this lest you feel the sting of the lash. Plus I’ll call security.’

    • JR DNR

      Now you can have them watch this video (while you chart) and then send them home with the paper?

  • Lisa

    I remember reading something that stated the severity and length of time back time persisted was correlated with sympathetic behavior of the back pain patient’s spouse.

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