Watch an epic takedown of Dr. Oz and the supplement industry

Comedian John Oliver with a must-see takedown of Dr. Oz, after his disastrous performance at the recent Senate hearings: “It’s easy to fill a show with shameless pandering without dangerously misleading medical information.”  And at the 13:44 mark, he shows us how it’s done.  Epic.

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  • QQQ

    Dr. Oz was trying to sell his quackery and regreting doing so!

    This is why doctors are becoming to be the butt of all jokes, losing respect, and the media continues to get away with it! More will follow!

    • Patient Kit

      Maybe Dr Oz’s presence on ABC’s primetime show, NYMed (a documentary series?), where he is shown working with patients at NY Presbyterian Hospital, will counterbalance the quackery side of his image. I haven’t seen much of his daytime show. I’ve seen a few random segments while working out at the gym in the cardio room — but I usually switched from Dr Oz to The Food Network while pumping away. ;-)

  • Patient Kit

    I don’t share your negative opinion of Oprah Winfrey, but I do think being “discovered” by Oprah and becoming one of her favorite things has not served Dr Oz well. Unless, of course, cardiothoracic surgeons at NY Presbyterian are paid really badly, did he really need the money that he gets from his show? Maybe it was the fame, not the money, that seduced him. Either way, Faustian deal, indeed. And now, to keep it going, 5 hours a week is a lot of airtime that he needs to keep filling.

    And since he does have a lot of influence with the public, I think he does need to be called out on some of the products he pushes. Maybe not by Congress though. Dr Oz is a real enigma to me. But the good and bad co-exists in people, along with plenty of grey. It’s not an either/or, all or nothing thing. He’s BOTH a respected cardiothoracic surgeon AND a TV personality who has made some questionable choices. One does not negate the other, in Dr Oz — or in any of the rest of us imperfect humans.

  • Patient Kit

    It will be interesting to see how this controversy impacts his reputation. His fans seem to love him. He’s a doctor who spends time with them. Well, not really. But he IS in their homes for 5 hours a week. Many people are probably more attached to him than they are to their own doctors. Like I said, it will be interesting to see what happens.

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