Who are the vaccine denialists? Hint: It’s not who you think

In this Daily Show segment, “An Outbreak of Liberal Idiocy,” correspondent Samantha Bee likens the anti-vaccine crowd to right-leaning climate deniers.  I’ve been saying this for awhile: The anti-vaccine mentality crosses party lines.  Remember, Jenny McCarthy got her start from the progressive-leaning Huffington Post.

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  • QQQ

    “Michael Savage – Flu Shot is Useless and Dangerous Government Hoax w/ CDC – 1/11/13+”


  • ninguem

    How can I stop videos like this from auto-starting?

    Not just KevinMD, lots of websites, these videos auto-start and can be really annoying.

    I’v wondering if there’s some setting I need to change on Firefox or Chrome or Internet Explorer.

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