Top stories in health and medicine, October 22, 2013

From MedPage Today:

  1. Managed Care Seen as Future of Medicaid. Roughly 85% of Medicaid enrollees will be in managed care organizations by 2020, a health consultant and former state Medicaid director predicted here.
  2. Docs at Risk as More Non-Docs Do Laser Hair Removal? The number of lawsuits involving laser skin surgery is low overall, but with an increased use of nonphysician operators — a 40% increase over 5 years among dermatologists alone — the risk to physician supervisors rises.
  3. Breast Milk Sold Online May Be Contaminated.Researchers found a high level of bacteria in breast milk sold through the Internet, but that doesn’t necessarily translate into an increased risk of disease.
  4. Hypothermia No Help to Neonatal ECMO. Adding mild hypothermia to neonatal extracorporeal membrane oxygenation (ECMO) in infants with very severe cardiorespiratory problems did not improve neurological outcomes at 2 years.

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