Top stories in health and medicine, August 21, 2013

From MedPage Today:

  1. System-Wide Program Helps Control BP. A multipronged hypertension program implemented within an integrated healthcare system was associated with substantial improvements in blood pressure control.
  2. MRIs May Have Fueled Increase in Mastectomy. Older breast cancer patients had significantly higher odds of undergoing mastectomy if their evaluation included MRI, use of which increased exponentially during the study period.
  3. Shoe Inserts No Help for Knee OA. Lateral wedge shoe insoles didn’t appear to ease medial osteoarthritis knee pain beyond a placebo effect
  4. Baby’s Blocked Belly Tied to Low Cholesterol. A new genetic study suggests that the most common form of gastrointestinal obstruction in infants might be linked to low cholesterol levels.

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