Top stories in health and medicine, August 14, 2013

From MedPage Today:

  1. Retina May Be Window Into Stroke Risk. Damage to the retina from hypertension independently pointed to elevated stroke risk, even when blood pressure was controlled by medication.
  2. High-Deductible Plans Mean More Hospital Red Ink. As employers and insurance companies shift more health costs into workers’ pockets, hospitals are making a discovery. The pockets aren’t bottomless.
  3. Special Diet Quells Genetic Risk of Stroke. The Mediterranean diet may lower the risk of stroke in patients with a certain genetic variant that makes them susceptible to type 2 diabetes and metabolic troubles.

Top blogs:

  1. Listeria and pregnancy, when discussing risk it’s all perspective. Putting the fear of God into people is bad medicine and if your doctor makes you feel like you are a bad person for eating soft cheese during pregnancy, then you should probably get another doctor.
  2. Medical Foo. Medicine needs big ideas. Medicine needs some Foo.
  3. President 43: Paragon or Patsy? It’s human nature to want to do more. Fighting human nature is an uphill battle.

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