Is Chris Christie too obese to run for president?

Is Chris Christie too obese to run for president?

Former White House physician Connie Mariano, MD, set off a firestorm recently by stating the patently obvious fact that New Jersey governor Chris Christie ought to address his morbid obesity prior to entertaining thoughts of running for the presidency in 2016.

“It’s almost like a time bomb waiting to happen unless he addresses those issues before he runs for office,” Mariano told CNN, saying she’s concerned Christie could suffer a heart attack or stroke.

The short-fused Christie unloaded on the good doctor in typically fiery fashion:

People who have a medical license, who have the privilege of having a medical license, should in my view conduct themselves more responsibly than that.  If she wants to get on a plane and come here to New Jersey and ask me if she wants to examine me and review my medical history, I’ll have a conversation with her about that. Until that time, she should shut up.

Well then.

As far as this specific situation goes, I don’t think Dr. Mariano is out of line.  One doesn’t need to perform a complete physical examination (beyond asking the governor to step on a scale) or have access to his medical history in order to arrive at the conclusion that Christie is in fact “morbidly obese” and therefore falls into the category of those who are at higher risk of developing a multitude of obesity-related complications (coronary artery disease, strokes, degenerative joint disease, hypercholesterolemia, diabetes etc).  It’s rather evident.  This doesn’t have to be a New England Journal of Medicine case study for CME credit.  The dude is extremely obese.  It’s right there in front of one’s nose.  And we know that obesity predisposes one to the aforementioned  co-morbidities.  If the rotund Governor walked into my office with a bothersome umbilical hernia I would feel obliged to recite a scare list of possible post op complications and how, if he didn’t try to lose some weight before surgery, he was looking at a much higher expected rate of wound problems and post op cardiopulmonary complications.

The issue raised, however, transcends Christie and morbid obesity.  In an age of instantly available information, an age where the public seems to have an unquenchable thirst for data, one must ask where we draw the line on what an appropriate query would be for citizens running for public office.  How transparent ought a candidate’s medical record be?  FDR couldn’t stand from complications of what was likely Guillain-Barre syndrome.  He concealed this inconvenient fact from the general public over the course of three terms (via staged public appearances and the assistance of a compliant press.)  Should FDR have been obligated to be more forthcoming?  And how would that have affected his electoral chances?  What would have been the effect on the Depression and WWII?  John McCain released all his medical records prior to the 2008 election in order to ease voter concerns about a 71-year old man who carried a known past diagnosis of melanoma.  Some balance between transparency and opacity is needed.  A public official deserves some element of privacy, but ailments which could affect one’s performance deserve a public airing.

I think a good rule of thumb is this: that which is known or readily apparent is fair game.  If you’ve used your recovery from colon cancer as part of a campaign narrative centered around the theme of perseverance and dedication, then we have a right to your latest CEA level, CT results, and a letter from your oncologist stating you are disease-free.  If you have obvious Kaposi’s sarcomas on your face (a la Tom Hanks in Philadelphia) then we need to see your CD-4 levels and HIV viral load.  If you are a morbidly obese governor with presidential ambitions then if you want to throw your hat in the ring in 2016, I’m going to want to see your stress test results.  I’m sorry, but HIPAA goes out the window for those who aspire to lead the last remaining superpower.

Jeffrey Parks is a general surgeon who blogs at Buckeye Surgeon.

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  • Phil Simon

    I also think that it’s a fair question to ask. It’s tough to hide obesity. Other maladies, though, are easier to conceal.

  • Ambulance_Driver

    I think she was way out of line, but not for the reason you might think.

    Chris Christie needs to address his obesity, period. No competent and ethical physician would suggest otherwise.

    But his future political aspirations or career goals have nothing to do with it.

    • Suzi Q 38

      That is for him to decide. No one can make another person thin.
      That person knows what he or she has to do.
      It has to be their decision.

      • Successful Workplace

        Yes and no…obesity is a drag on society as a whole, as are any chronic medical conditions that are avoidable.

        • Suzi Q 38

          Smoking is an addicting habit with chronic health implications….are you saying that Obama is not healthy enough to serve?
          Can we mandate that you smell too much like smoke to work for the American people?
          Or you are too fat to graduate from medical school, or renew your license? Your BMI must be 25.

  • Nelson

    Disqualifying him for his weight makes about as much sense as disqualifying him for being male, another readily apparent risk factor.

    • ninguem

      ^^^ what Nelson said ^^^

    • dackmont

      He can’t change his gender, he can lose the weight, and should if he thinks his being President is important. Or does it matter if he dies in office? One candidate’s as good as another, right? Come on.

  • EE Smith

    Since we’re looking at medically vetting potential 2016 candidates, what about Hillary Clinton and her mysterious medical issues which prevented her from testifying about Benghazi in a timely manner? A concussion, head injury, brain bleeds, sudden deterioration of vision requiring glasses …? If we’re going to pre-disqualify candidates based on conditions which may keep them from being an effective President (which is fair enough), it would be ridiculous not to demand all of Mrs Clinton’s medical records as well.

    • Claude Albertario

      Specious argument

      • hahn1

        Really ???

        • Sung Kim


    • SBornfeld

      Sure. And I’m sure if she runs the opposition will demand it. Do you have reason to believe she’s hiding something?

      • Mika

        So are you admitting that the author of this blog post, in demanding Christie’s records BEFORE he even throws his hat into the ring, is “the opposition”? I.E., a democrat shill?

        You can’t demand one standard from Republicans and give Dems a free pass without looking like cheap partisan panderers.

        • SBornfeld

          Actually, the author’s request was conditional:
          “then if you want to throw your hat in the ring in 2016, I’m going to want to see your stress test results. ”
          Yes, he’s the Governor, and so long as he’s not a candidate, I don’t see a compelling interest in demanding Christie’s medical records.
          I might feel differently if I lived in NJ.

        • SBornfeld

          You’re confusing me. I thought I was replying to concerns about Hillary Clinton’s medical history. Why would I have to admit anything, and how can I know what’s in the heart of the author?

        • dackmont

          The author is talking about what’s plainly observable. This makes complete sense: “A public official deserves some element of privacy, but ailments which could affect one’s performance deserve a public airing.” It’s not a partisan thing — you (and other posters) are making it that way. Maybe you’re one of those people who was sure Romney was going to win? That might explain the lack of objectivity, which is weirdly pervasive on the right (climate change denial, even evolution-denial).

          • Guest

            “A public official deserves some element of privacy, but ailments which could affect one’s performance deserve a public airing.”

            Yes, and Christie’s ailments have never affected his performance. Clinton’s HAVE. Double standards, much?

            By the way, it’s AGW alarmists who are the true “evolution deniers”. You refuse to accept that the climate has changed, as it is wont to do, many times in the past, and that every creature on this earth today is a magnificent example of how life adapts and evolves to natural change. You seem to think that if the climate ever changes again, even a teensy bit, that’s the end — no adaptation, no evolution, just we’re all gonna die. OH WILL NO-ONE THINK OF THE POOR L’IL POLEY BEARS!!! Numpty.

      • NADINE

        …and you have the %&^* to ask about disclosure after Benghazi?

        • dackmont

          “Benghazi” is like a Rorschach test — you can project whatever you want onto it. It’s one of the major symptoms of Obama Derangement Syndrome. I loved it when Rumsfeld said that embassy attacks betray American weakness — this from the guy under whom (as Defense Sec’y) no less than a dozen happened. What a hypocritical fool that guy is.

    • Brad Fluetsch

      thought the very same thing…. it seemed to be a timely, surgical stroke the eliminated only things that will clarify what happened in Benghazi.

    • Bonnie

      I agree. Hillary Clinton’s serious medical condition has actually had a detrimental effect which prevented her from carrying out her duties. Has Chris Christie’s obesity ever caused such huge problems for the state of New Jersey?

      • ezwalker

        I can’t believe you republicans can’t let this Benghazzi thing die. 4 people died. How many people have died as a result of the war that Bush and Cheney lied us into? Bush to avenge his “daddy”,and Cheney to make a bundle through Haliburton. You people are beating this dead horse are really kidding yourselves. How can you be so incredibly stupid?

        • Noneya

          Cool story, bro.

        • Caitlin Peebles

          Stage 5 Bush Derangement Syndrome. Sad.

      • dackmont

        Hillary had THE FLU. Christie’s overworked, artery-clogged heart is a ticking time bomb. Walking around with a ticking time bomb saying “so far, so good” is not real wise. Especially if you’re President and your not dying is a matter of urgent national interest. This is Christie’s responsibility.

        • CRT

          “Hillary had THE FLU”

          No, we heard several different stories, but because they wouldn’t release her medical records no one knows for sure. One of the “official stories” was that she had a brain bleed. That’s serious stuff, if a President has brain problems which keep him or her from doing his or her job.. Much worse than just being fat.

        • Lilly

          You know there are thin people who drop dead of heart attacks without warning don’t you? My step father’s best friend did. A guy who was in top shape, ate well, no smoking, a “health nut”, dropped dead at age 49.

        • Lilly

          Plenty of thin people aren’t that healthy. So far so good for me and I’m thin but I’ve seen very sick people who are a far cry from obese. I’ve seen healthy obese people. Sure it predisposes them to (enter list of diseases…) but clearly, thin folks aren’t guaranteed a smooth ride…

    • dackmont

      What is this tit-for-tat nonsense? Like every issue a Republican ever had, a Democrat has to have too? Be objective. Christie has a condition that greatly elevates his mortality risk. Hillary isn’t known to have anything REMOTELY as intense as morbid obesity. It’s not a deal-killer (Taft did OK) but it’s a real issue. Of course, Hillary should disclose her issues too, especially anything that intense.

      • EE Smith

        Christie’s medical condition has never kept him from fulfilling his obligations as a public servant. Clinton’s has.

  • SMS

    I would love to see Christie make a change for himself and as an example for our nation; however, I often wonder about the health of our current president… AA male with a 30 year smoking history can have possible health implications as well.

    • anon_gastro

      And our VP has had multiple neurosurgical interventions, let alone the previous VP had a heart that didn’t beat… Who cares about these puppets?

      • george abney

        Neurosurgical? Did they put a pacemaker in his BRAIN???

        • hahn1

          he certainly needs one.

      • hahn1

        I’d rather have a guy with a heart problem than a guy who has always had a brain problem!

    • markes1

      My sentiments exactly! Selective criteria applied in a hypocritical fashion makes no sense to me…..

      • SBornfeld

        Because we’re not talking about a Democrat right now? What exactly is the hypocrisy?

        • Mika

          Were you demanding Obama’s & Biden’s medical records three years out from the 2008 election? If not, your different standards & expectations mark you as a hypocrite.

          • SBornfeld

            You must be confusing me with the author of this article. I actually didn’t ask to see anyone’s medical history.

      • Conor Maguire

        Lets see Christie’s birth certificate while we’re at it. These double standard arguments tend to cross into the inane and bizarre

        • hahn1

          I sure Christie will show his birth certificate if Obama ever shows his REAL one!

          • dackmont

            Moron birther (sorry for redundancy)

    • SBornfeld

      Certainly. His smoking history was not a secret. So what’s your point–people shouldn’t have voted for him? That’s their right.
      Christie has publicly stated that his health is excellent. Anyone who buys that can vote for him. I doubt many of his supporters will vote against him because he’s obese.

      • SMS

        This has nothing to do with the right to vote. The article, if I am reading it correctly, is asking the question if Dr. Maraino was out of line by stating Christie’s obesity should be a factor for running for president.

        • SBornfeld

          Absolutely. She has stated that she’s a Republican. But she also served both a Democratic and Republican president. So it is a legitimate question as to whether her moral authority is affected one way or another due to her history.
          I think that it is a touchy subject when medical judgments are personal. I doubt anyone would question her opinions if there were no possibility of their being considered politically freighted.
          On the other hand…come on, master of the obvious. This is not someone releasing Thomas Eagleton’s psychiatrist’s records.

    • dackmont

      True as far as it goes, but quitting smoking reduced his risk quite a bit. He did take that step. Christie should take steps of his own. Ideally on a treadmill — just handle it, come on.

  • JonSanders

    Christie looks very presidential in a William Howard Taft sort of way.

    • ninguem

      ^^^ What JonSanders said ^^^

  • Ian

    Silly article. Off the top of my head JFK had Addison’s disease and a variety of other medical issues. FDR had Polio and hid his disability from the public. Thomas Jefferson and Abraham Lincoln both had severe depression, the latter in a partiularly melancholic state during the Civil war without a decent general in site. Martin Van Buren was an alcoholic. Grover Cleveland might have tipped the scales more than Christie and he was president. Twice. Heck the current surgeon general is obese. All of the problems in this country and the issue is his weight. This is about as dumb as can Michelle Bachman be president because she has migraines. So did Harry Truman (granted there are many reasons why MB shouldn’t be president). Maybe BO shouldn’t be president because he smokes. Why not just title the article Chris Christie…. Too republican.

    • Jeffrey Parks

      I have no problem with Christie running for President. It’s just that his readily apparent obesity will be a factor when i consider my options. I’m not saying he couldn’t do the job. But I would put a lot more stock in who his running mate was. i would possibly consider other candidates from the GOP stable. Your references to Lincoln and JFK are not germane to this discussion. The issue is “what effect does it have on voting patterns when a medical condition/predisposition is readily apparent?”. No one knew about the various maladies you allude to in vanBuren, JFK, etc.

      • Ian

        You are certainly welcome to not vote for a particular candidate secondary to their weight. And the obvious nature and inability to conceal his weight does make Governor Christie a poor analogy to some of my examples. I was merely pointing out some of the health problems that previous presidents (both good and bad) have had (as you did in your article as well). Unfortunately we live in a two party system who are becoming increasingly more polarized. So if you can’t decide who to vote on based on potentially dramatic different visions of America but consider the candidates BMI as a deciding factor then I’m not sure how to continue any discussion in regards to politics or the presidency. Debt, unemployment, foreign policy, healthcare, gay marriage, gun control, and a myriad of other issues of which the two parties generally have vastly different ideas. I just can’t see how someone’s weight would influence my decision on any measureable scale (pun intended). I throw my vote away from time to time and vote 3rd party. You could make a case that what I’m doing doesn’t make sense to you as well. I guess we just disagree. To each his own.

        • meyati

          If the VP candidate seemed to be a fruit cake, the health of the presidential is considered. I was going to vote for McCain. By the way, I’ve shot and dragged dinner in for the family. I still own guns, but I think that somebody was smelling too much gun powder while reloading. Anyway-if Christie chooses a VP that doesn’t seem to far out, I’ll vote for him because he works for his people.

          • Ian

            In the setting of being politically averse to a running mate, I would view it more of a question of the primary candidates judgement on his potential replacement as opposed to a reason to reassess the primary candidates health status. Of course unless you think that the top of the ticket was thus mentally unstable.

          • dackmont

            VP should always matter, but sure, it matters that much more. Difference is, McCain can’t control his age, but Christie can control his weight, and should, if he thinks the country needs him.

      • ninguem

        “…..No one knew about the various maladies you allude to in vanBuren, JFK, etc……”

        JFK’s illness was well known. His spine surgery was written up in the medical press, he was one of the very first people with Addison’s disease to survive major surgery, in the history of medicine.

        Nicholas JA, Burstein CL, Umberger CJ, Wilson PD (November 1955). “Management of adrenocortical insufficiency during surgery”. AMA Arch Surg 71 (5): 737–42.

        Reporters at the time knew Kennedy’s illness, knew of his back problems, knew Kennedy disappeared for a while, came back better after surgery, the article came to the attention of reporters covering Kennedy, they put two and two together……..

        Of course the doctor couldn’t reveal his patient’s name, and the Kennedy family wasn’t forthcoming. Long after Kennedy’s death, a reporter prevailed on Jackie to allow the doctors to reveal his name for the historical record, and Jackie allowed it.

        So yes, Kennedy’s illness was known at the time…..and covered up, courtesy of a compliant press.

      • Ambulance_Driver

        Christie is obese, no question about it.

        But coming from the current White House physician, and in light of everyone’s expectations of Christie throwing his hat in the ring for 2016, this announcement smacks of political maneuvering: “Hey, this guy looks like a threat to Democrats in a few years. Let’s start planting seeds of doubt about his ability to stand up to the job now.”

        No doubt Christie and his personal physician have had many conversations about his weight already.

        And that’s where those conversations should stay – between Christie and his physician.

        • Homeless

          RE: this announcement smacks of political maneuvering: “Hey, this guy looks like a threat to Democrats in a few years.

          Dr.Mariano, the White House physician said on CNN, “I’m a Republican so I like Chris Christie a lot. I just want him to lose weight. I’m a physician more than a Democrat or a Republican, I worry about this man dying in office.”

          • Ambulance_Driver

            In which case she should have been aware of how her remarks would be interpreted by some, and simply remained silent on the issue.

          • Homeless

            Perhaps she was aware that the Democrats would be blamed for her comment…and that’s why she said it.

          • Ambulance_Driver

            Meh. To-may-to, to-mah-to.

            Regardless of her political persuasion or Christie’s, this is a perfect example of why silence is golden.

            Doesn’t matter how she meant her comments, she’s a physician commenting on a public figure. One side or the other will make political hay from her statement, which is reason enough to simply smile and say, “I am not Mr. Christie’s physician, so I’ll refrain from commenting on his health issues. If you’d like to talk about obesity in a broader context, I’d be happy to do that.”

          • dackmont

            Christie should be thanking her and dieting. And exercising. His health is his responsibility. And if he runs for President, he should show his respect for the electorate and the office by taking steps to reduce his pretty-high risk of dying young.

          • dackmont

            No, she should stay silent only if she’s a Republican first. But she’s a doctor first. Can you wrap your head around that?

          • Ambulance_Driver

            She’s not HIS doctor, in which case his health is really none of her business. Can you wrap your head around that?

          • Deborah Lockhart

            Couldn’t she have said that to Christie himself rather than on CNN?

          • Ambulance_Driver


            If his health were her primary concern, she wouldn’t be having the conversation on CNN.

      • Vrunda

        moot point

      • dackmont

        It’s reckless to stay that fat. If Christie respects the office, he’ll take steps to not die while holding it.

    • Homeless

      I thought the problem with Christie is he isn’t Republican enough.

      • Ian

        For some people. I was more pointing out that these “health concerns” seem to be leveled at Republicans. See Michelle Bachman (just focus on the fact she is a bad candidate, not that she has migraines) as opposed to Bill Clinton’s cholesterol level, penchnat for McDonald’sd and now Bypass surgery (yes I know it was while he was out of office). It is more a reflection of if Christie’s BMI is an issue you probably wouldn’t have voted form him anyway, and oh he happens to be a Republican which seems to be the target of these concerns. One should not confuse republican with conservative, or even conservative with small government, but that is a topic for another thread. I did not mean to assume to know the author’s political beliefs.

        • Homeless

          Perhaps it’s a big issue because fellow Republican Ann Coulter is making jokes about Christie’s weight. The Tea Party Republicans will never support Christie…especially after the chumming up to Obama during Hurricane Sandy…hence my comment that he is not Republican enough.

          You, of course, think Republicans are the only ones persecuted…

          Bachmann’s migraine problems were during the primaries…when Republicans cared about their candidates. Since the Democrats would have been thrilled for Bachmann to get the nomination, I would guess the criticism was originated in the Republican ranks…

          • Ian

            I do not care to discuss my thoughts on media bias and your differing opinion (although I concede your point on Bachmann and the primaries) any further. It is irrelevant to the topic of BMI and voting for a candidate. Apparently stating I should not have assumed the author’s political affiliation was not sufficient. If for no other reason than we are still talking about Michelle Bachmann I regret injecting any discussion of political bias into this thread.
            I still maintain that not voting for someone who you politically agree with, regardless of party or affiliation, and then not voting for them because they are obese does not make much sense to me given the polarization of the parties in America.

          • meyati


          • hahn1

            Well then get off of this thread !

      • Bobby

        That’s a good thing. Extreme right leaning republicans these days are nuts. Plain and simple.

        • Frustrated Pediatrician

          I don’t care whether Christie is right or left. He’s a fat donut-scented manwhore, and that’s just plain embarrassing.

        • hahn1

          We need a few crazies on the right to offset all of the idiots on the left.

      • hahn1

        it is

    • Christine Diedrich

      I’m with you Ian.

    • SBornfeld

      Actually, I think it was Taft who needed a custom bathtub in the White House. But I believe Grover Cleveland had surgery on an oropharyngeal cancer on a ship offshore to keep away from prying eyes.

    • Deborah Lockhart

      Lan, I am not sure that this is about democrat or republican. I just think that overweight people are hated like the plague in the US.. I think the doctors involved have no respect. PERIOD. Since Chris Christie never officially announced his intention of running for President of the US, I think these people were out of line to address his situation publicly and he was quite right to be incensed because of the effect such an irresponsible statement had on his children. The only politics is that there is a lot of hatred to go around for fat people.

    • dackmont

      Obama quite smoking for the same reason that Christie’s morbid obesity is an issue (there’s a reason they call it “morbid”) — that, and Michelle made him promise to. Look, if a candidate is at substantially higher than average risk to die in office, that’s an issue. Not the only one, but it matters.

  • ninguem

    “…..I’m sorry, but HIPAA goes out the window for those who aspire to lead the last remaining superpower…..”

    And yet it was a major fight to get Obama’s original birth certificate.

    And I was never a “birther”………but Obama could have stopped the whole thing by allowing release of the original birth certificate. It’s not that unreasonable to ask for proof of basic Constitutional qualification for the office if there’s any question at all. Obama was not the first to face that question.

    • Deandre

      Have other presidents also been asked to submit their college work to prove they ‘deserved ‘ to attend college?

      How about when he released the short form the retort from the right was to release the long form.

      The writer had a good point, to bad people are attacking it with strawman tactics.

      • ninguem


        Dubya Bush. Although they didn’t ask, they just lifted the transcript from archives.

        Obama was not the first President, or candidate, who has had to prove Constitutional eligibility for office by “natural-born” status. It has happened several times over the years.

        The point remains, some basic questions of fitness for office are fought to this day.

  • NewMexicoRam

    Is Obama too skinny to be President?
    And he’s a smoker, for crying out loud!

    • Suzi Q 38

      One of the reason that he smokes is because it keeps his weight down, LOL.

  • Margalit Gur-Arie

    Didn’t Reagan have Alzheimer’s while in office?

    I don’t see how concealed problems are more suitable for a President than visible ones….

    • Suzi Q 38

      Hey, at least with Reagan more people had jobs, and we got the biggest tax return in the history of our 30 year marriage. Ditto for Clinton, but our tax return was a little less.

  • Suzi Q 38

    It should be whoever gets elected.
    Because Obama smokes, no way should he be president?
    Because Hilary can’t think straight enough to testify due to health issues, should she never serve the U.S. again? Should she retire completely?
    Our Surgeon General, whose platform is “obesity.” Isn’t she a bit overweight??? Should she turn in her resignation immediately, and let a thin person do the job of telling the U.S. that fat is not healthy?

    How about you doctors: Those of you that are 20% or more overweight.
    or whose BMI is over 29 or 30…should you quit telling us that fat is not good, that diabetes is risky, etc.?? How about you quitting medicine entirely and never working again until your weight is within normal limits, say a BMi or 25 or less? Kind of like how the stewardesses of years past were treated…every month you had to get on the scale and prove that you were thin enough for the job.

    How ridiculous.
    If you think that we should consider this for presidents everyone should have the same measurement of competence.
    It has nothing to do with how he would serve our country.
    Just as I don’t care of Obama is a “closet smoker” at home.

    • Ian

      There is a hospital in Texas that won’t hire you if you are obese.

      • meyati


        • Ian

          If you read the article I cited you would see I’m merely pointing out that some people are doing some of the very things that Suzie Q thinks would be ridculous. The article I cited raised some of the same questions she did that pertain to healthcare. I was trying to add to the dialogue that what she was talking about already exists. What exactly are you trying to do and how are you contributing to the conversation?

  • ninguem

    The “Goldwater Rule” in medical ethics:

    It’s an interesting story. What the psychiatrists and other mental health professionals did to Barry Goldwater is reprehensible.

    That rule should apply to all of medicine, not just psychiatry.

  • Sara Stein MD

    WHAT ABOUT CHENEY??? An inch from the presidency – started his VP terms post MIs (plural), post CABG, post stents, continued them with more stents and a defibrillator and wound up afterwards with a heart transplant. If that isn’t a mortality risk, then I don’t know what is. REAGAN? His dementia had to be well underway while in office.

    So either we screen everybody or screen no one and take our chances. But don’t discriminate against the fat guy because it’s the in thing to do. I didn’t see you asking for Cheney’s angiogram and CRP and lipid profile.

    And yes, I hope that Governor Christie can improve his health. Not an endorsement, just a statement I make to every person in my office with something treatable.

    • Mandy



      • Sara Stein MD

        No comparison. Biden had a berry aneurysm clipped 25 years ago. Minimal risk now.

        • Mika

          Biden is a nut. He’s every bit the retard everyone was worried about Palin being.

          • Sara Stein MD

            This is a discussion about health, not politics.

  • meyati

    Christie gets the job done-isn’t that what’s supposed to count-signed a Democrat

  • Matthew King

    Using similar logic, as African-American men are much more likely to have heart disease than Caucasians, and you can see that President Obama is undeniably black, he is less fit for the office than someone else. His point that his individual health is quite separate (although influenced by) his macro risk factors is absolutely valid. The suggestion that he would be a bad president because he is fat is ludicrous. If he didn’t closely monitor for these obvious potential co-morbidities while in office it would be irresponsible, but it’s more about who can do the job. Being fat (of having polio) doesn’t material affect your ability to lead in my opinion.

    • Deborah Lockhart

      President Obama is undeniably white too. Don’t forget that. He is more white than black, actually.

  • Jim Marco

    This is the most absurd article ever. Multiple presidents in history have had a myriad of problems- including being obese. Our current president is a smoker…the risks associated with smoking are easily comparable (possibly worse) to being obese. Find something else to criticize Christie about other than his weight. Should he lose some weight- sure- but when it comes to politics, we should be focusing on the real issues. There are more important things in our country to worry about.

  • Ginny Carlson

    the last acceptable bigotry, being thin does not mean health and being fat doesn’t mean death and frankly it is not the most important quality I look for in a person, someone can be diabetic, have cancer and other issues and it can’t be seen, more over some one can be using illegal drugs and be in constant danger. To judge someone on appearance alone is just ignorant, is this guy so awesome that all you have is “the fat guy can’t be president” this Democrat says we need to try harder

    • hahn1

      Why start now?

  • Remi

    If you can’t take care of your own body you can’t take care of a country.

    • independentinsandiego

      That’s just dumb. Barry’s skinny and look at the job he’s doing!

    • L

      Absolutely agree

  • independentinsandiego

    Is Barrack Obama too inept and inexperienced to be President? That’s the real question. At least Christie manages New Jeresey’s budget like someone who understands economics and P&L’s.

    • Christine Diedrich

      That is, in fact, NOT the question.

      • Bonnie

        Quite so. As should be apparent to anyone by now, any questioning of Barack Obama – no matter how valid it would be if he were white – is by definition racist. Also, Chris Christie is FAT. So there.

  • independentinsandiego

    Obama’s a smoker, that’s a killer too.

  • Joshua Perlett


  • Kerry Barger

    Why in good god’s name are we still having this discussion.

    • Suzi Q 38

      You are so right.

  • Sean Hoover

    Yes he is too obese to run. He should walk for the presidency.

    • Christine Diedrich

      Best comment yet.

    • Mika

      ::insert “that’s just how he rolls” quip here::

  • Ted Karoglou

    Tying Governor Christie’s weight to his ability is as foolish as stereotyping people due to the color of their skin, except there are no laws protecting heavy people as there are protecting people of color. Such obvious bias against heavier people has no place, along with no place for bias against women, the physically challenged or people of color.

    • Deborah Lockhart

      I couldn’t have said it better, Ted.


    He should lose weight for the sake of his health not for the

  • Mark P. Burnett

    Mr. Christie currently IS too obese to lead a country. Less because he might not last out a four year term; more because as leader, he’d be in charge of setting the course and leading by example — where his, today, is at the extreme wrong end of America’s scale. If Mr. Christie were to update his consumption habits to something as reasonable as his political approach and social positions, I for one, would like to learn a lot more about him.

    • Mika

      It is not the designated function of the Executive Branch of the US Government to be our “role model”. If you or your children need someone to model yourselves after, you could do better than to emulate a politician.

      • L

        You’ve now used the phrase “designated function” twice… So what IS the Executive Branch’s “designated function?”

        • Mika

          It is not my fault that neither your parents nor the education system in your area apparently ever bothered to teach you civics or American history.

          If you wish to learn about the designated functions of the three branches of US government (judicial, legislative & executive), Google is your friend.

          • L

            And being condescending is amusing. I wanted to hear your take, because I was under the distinct impression that theoretically a leader should LEAD by example, and Christie is not an example I would want to entertain.

        • Mika

          I will add that I would not suggest to my children that Barack Obama be their role model, lest they decide that smoking, doing coke and getting baked on pot is appropriate health behavior for them as college students.

          • Anika Schaedler

            What a sad state of affairs that the PRESIDENT OF THE NATION is not someone your children should look up to.

  • Bert E

    I truly do NOT like Chris Christie as a Governor of NJ, and probably would not like him as a president…. this said, my mind set is a disagreement with his politics, NOT his physical appearance. Judging him on his weight or appearance is obscene. Next thing you know presidents will need to be physically athletic specimens to set the right “role model” to children… if that is the case our country is DOOMED… Nothing against male models, but I doubt few would work out well as president… Historically Christie is a light weight when compare with president’s like Howard Taft how busted more trusts than Teddy, and put into law standards and regulation which we still reap the benefit of today…. For heaven sake… The office of president is complicated enough with out adding this sort of bogus judgement… Let any politician who desires run for President run on his political record, and NOT how good they look in a suit, or how “buff” they are… let them run, and if the rigors of the campaign slaps them down SO BE IT!

    • Christine Diedrich


    • Deborah Lockhart

      I agree with you!

  • ArtSees Diner

    No, his obesity is not an issue, and to focus on it is discriminatory. His issue is not his weight, in fact, I think it is time for him to make it to the White House to minimize this pathetic trend of hiring based solely on physical attributes. He will not make it to the White House because he cannot be trusted. There are obese individuals who are in better health than extremely thin individuals. Do we start doing genetic testing to see if a presidential hopeful has a risk of getting cancer, diabetes, etc?

  • LukeB

    Let’s flip the concept around. Obama is in pretty good physical condition (other than his previous smoking) yet is a horrible president.

    Evaluating whether one is a good presidential prospect involves multiple factors. Use them.

  • John Bettua

    If he is to become Commander in Chief of our troops then he should be able to pass a physical, same physical our troops have to pass.

    • Mika

      Don’t start. Our current Commander in Chief doesn’t even know how to salute, or pronounce “corpsman”.

      • ObummerSUX

        @Mika HEAR! HEAR!

  • Marisa Narula

    US Presidents that were Obese: Taft (42.3 on the BMI), Cleveland (34.6), McKinley (31.1), Taylor (30.2), and Teddy Roosevelt (30.2). Clinton was overweight with a BMI of 28.3.

  • taylor

    Winston Churchill was kind of a fatass……

    • Mika

      And a big drinker. AND he smoked. A trifecta of modern-day evil, as far as today’s lemon-lipped neo-puritans would be concerned.

    • ninguem

      Indeed. I have to wonder about those White House meetings with the Roosevelt household and Churchill. Lots of serious dysfunction in those households.

      But if they were “normal”…….whatever that means, maybe we’d all be speaking German now, as they say.

    • hahn1

      Obama is fat too – if you count his head.

  • Nabuc27

    Not too obese, but perhaps a bit too liberal.

  • L

    I think the Doc is absolutely in the right for speaking such a warning. Christie’s weight is out of control and he wants to run for President? We wouldn’t want him running a marathon, which is exactly what the Presidency is. And how is he going to speak about the health of Americans?

    • Mika

      “And how is he going to speak about the health of Americans?”

      That is not what the office of President of the United States is all about. It is not a legitimate designated function of the Executive Branch of the US Government to be either our doctor, our nurse or our nanny.

  • Molly_Rn

    Guillain-Barre? You know of course that FDR had polio don’t you?? Difficult to believe anything else in your post since you got that wrong.

  • Guest

    I know this will seem shallow but I think obesity does show a flaw in character. It shows a lack of will power, laziness and the inability to make important decisions regarding health. While I don’t think that is a big deal for most people I expect the POTUS to be following a higher standard.

  • Kevin Hammonds

    the picture of Christie doesn’t help. “I take bearclaws, two at a time. And they get lodged RIGHT HERE.”

  • Myra Ephross

    No Physican or non Physican needs to physically examine Christie to see that he is Morbidly obese.The stresses that any president endures during the 4-8 years in the office age even the youngest and healthiest of men. Of course his health is a concern! The health issues of others in office with the exception of Cleveland and Clinton’s love of fatty foods, were due to diseases that the Presidents had and not something under their control. Even Clinton made an effort to jog and take care of himself within reason. Christie’s defiant and defensive response are understandable as he has taken so many jokes and attacks about his weight. But his answer is to eat donuts on Late night TV??? He has no or little personal discispline and has a I dont give a damn attitude. The problem is… that someone elected to the office of President should have a reasonable amount of self discipline and concern for his health for the stability of the office, if for nothing else but the protect the public from the consequences of a sudden death of a president and the upheaval it causes in many ways.
    If Christie runs. le’ts hope he has an incredibly brilliant and politically savy running mate. because the liklihood that the will be our President is so high.

  • george abney

    A man this FAT does NOT inspire confidence in his self discipline as to appetites… CAN he restrain his wrist with a pen in close proximity to a national budget checkbook? I DOUBT IT!!!! This man is DROP DEAD FAT. His choice of VP would be most important IF he could get nominated for anything other than a butter patte commercial.

  • george abney

    A man who can’t see his dick without a mirror can’t possibly manage statecraft and public image so vital to US Power Image.

  • george abney

    Lard ass, or not… at least C. doesn’t have the photo op reflex of a poodle like former gov. Sanford of SC.

  • Chris

    He is perfect for president. He is the post child of what the rest of the world think we americans are. Fat ignorant loud mouths.. But all joke aside his weight is a very poor refection on him. Other presidents with health issue were not at fault on there own. But his condition is preventable. I know some people have other health issue that make it hard to lose weight, and I am not saying he needs to built like an Athlete. But even people who have health issue that cause weight gain have to be or are morbidly Obese. His weight scream out to me… I am a glutton, I have no self control and I don’t like my self and care nothing for my appearance. Being there for my children dose not matter to me. What matter is that bucket of Fired chicken that I need to swallow to hide my self hate.. overweight is one thing but morbidly obese is sad and pathetic.

  • brimstoned

    If you think Christie’s biggest liability is his weight, give your head a shake.

  • joeymegatron

    to answer the title, “perhaps”. Elaborating…I don’t care how heavy he is, or what he looks like, all I care about is the nonsense that spews from his mouth.

  • Packard Fancher

    Everyone else is fat so he’s a great representative of the people!

  • Bobby

    I’m a big health nut so from my point of view; yes I think he should lose a lot of weight if he wants to run for president. For one it helps you act and think quicker. It takes away unnecessary stresses he doesn’t need and when you look at someone who takes care of themselves it gives you more of a comforting feeling. I’m sure a lot of people would look at someone like that and think “if he can’t take care of himself, how do we expect him to take care of an entire country”. Plus the risk of him having a heart attack and a number of other things that comes with obesity. It does nothing but work against him. He has the money to hire help and by 2016 he could easily lose over a hundred pounds. I’m not right leaning, but I do personally like Christie. I would like to see him make a life change though.

  • christina schweitzer

    Would you hire an executive who did not have a healthy lifestyle?

  • Claude Albertario

    What would you think of Christie is he was a candidate for a job across the desk from you? That is basically what I think. How would you deal with his size in that capacity.


    Have you seen the rest of the inhabitants of our country??? Somehow millions on the hefty side go to work and do their jobs just fine every day including CEOs and others with high pressure jobs. I am liberal and I think this is an unnecessary potshot.

  • Linda Rostron

    As a fatty, I would like another fatty to run for President. Someone who really understands me would be fab.


    Was Obama, Bush, and Clinton’s past drug use a red flag for them to have their fingers on nuclear weapons? If a simple cop has difficulties becoming an officer by admittance of prior drug use, how much more should the Leader of the Free World and Commander in Chief in charge of the Marines have a squeaky clean record?
    We all have to leave this world in some shape or fashion. As long as the governor has the stamina to perform the job, he should have a shot at it. Granted, I doubt he has the pull of a nation to garner such a task, but it’s something for the news stations to report on. Speaking of which, aren’t there more important, newsworthy topics to discuss than a man’s girth and it’s capacity to affect his work performance?

  • Tanya Stockton

    I guess it depends on who the vice president would be?


    who really cares how fat, skinny or ugly a person is, if he or she has what it takes to do the job then so be it. Three cheers for the dude and I hope he has a chop at it. The old adage, its not the cover of the book that tells the story. Go Chris

  • James vB

    Jog, maybe. Run? No.

  • mmintonnews

    I believe obesity is considered a minor health risk factor. Where as smoking is considered a major health risk factor. The current President was a smoker when he took office but the subject of his health was not an issue if I recall.

  • Graeme Hadden

    I would rather have an unhealthy Leader with a strong character and integrity than a healthy leader that’s corrupt and lacked intelligence. Rather than disclose health records which in any other industry would be discrimination, I would prefer full disclosure of all revenue streams of the candidate so we can see how their actions taken in office impact their pockets! Prevent Corruption!!

  • Successful Workplace

    Very tough but relevant question. The fact is that our leaders set an example and obesity should be an open discussion, no different than Obama’s smoking (which I understand he quit). All’s fair in love and politics.

    • Guest

      “The fact is that our leaders set an example”

      I didn’t start smoking just because Obama does. Why would anyone start overeating just because Christie does?

  • Gary Benard Hall

    Look at it this way, If “health is your greatest wealth” then Chris Christie is surely Bankrupt !!!

  • Hope Frank

    Yes. Period.

  • Vrunda

    Seriously this is the worst article in recent times. Is this the only criteria left when considering a presidential candidate. Its obvious for many reasons that we don’t have suitable candidates and now to pull pros/cons about ones health? Didn’t Dick Cheney(VP) have a heart attack in office? He should’ve been healthy as a horse considering he would next in line if something happens to the president. As mentioned before, Mr. Barrack Obama is a smoker, that should have been mentioned prior to accepting his nomination. Please don’t write articles for the sake of writing, add value to journalism in a non-bias way.

    • Deborah Lockhart

      Thank you, Vrunda!

  • Cara L. Solomon

    More than half the population in the US is overweight. Christie is probably a more realistic representation of America, than we’re willing to admit. I do believe shaving off some of his pounds will prolong his years, though.

    • Vrunda

      I agree completely. Perhaps, Christie in office will shed light on the morbid obesity rates in USA and trigger public movements for a Healthier Citizenship as opposed to sweeping the issue under the carpet.

    • Suzi Q 38

      I remember visiting China with a large group of teachers, some of which were obese.
      The people could not believe how big they were.
      They kept gawking and taking pictures, as if they were part of a circus.
      Most immigrants are rather thin when they move here.
      Give them time, within a few years, they put on the pounds.

      McDonald’s, KFC, Wendy’s, In N Out, plus all of the large restaurant meals add the weight.

      • Deborah Lockhart

        Some of us rarely, if ever, eat in those restaurants and still put on weight. It’s something in the food in general!

        • Suzi Q 38

          No, restaurant meals are huge, and prepared with oil, sugars, and butter.

  • Matt Ballard

    I’d like to see an article addressing the “healthy” people who devote their lives to health and excercise and who end up with enlarged hearts and cardiovascular problems. Or an article discussing the “obese” people who don’t have diabetes and the “fit” people who do.

    I recall the arguments about people wanting Obama to turn over his birth certificate as being outrageous, but it’s acceptable to strip Christie of his privacy and open his medical charts to the world? U.S. is on the decline and the comment about the U.S. being the world’s “last remaining superpower” is enough to make me dismiss this blog entry completely.

    I would agree that Christie is probably an accurate representation of the enlarging American public, just as Nancy Pelosi might be an accurate representation of the aging female population; full of botox.

  • Ben E.

    Didn’t realize this would be a health-focused article; I thought we were considering whether Americans would vote for a fat guy.

  • G Marsh

    Who really cares – the voters will decide – just look at the Toronto Mayor and those in the senate don’t look all that healthy either.

  • TheSharperWon

    Short answer, YES! Good guy, but the answer is YES!!!

  • David Clark

    er YES?

  • Kahuna

    Yes he is too fat. I like the guy and think he has a heart but he is a heart attack waiting to happen with the stress that kind of task puts on the body.

    If Jets coach Rex Ryan can lose the weight (amazing actually)… CC should have enough self control and enough leadership to get in shape. Fat body fat mind. Obesity is a national epidemic both for the people and for the government that can not be solved sitting on your ass.

  • Youssef Fedda

    No offence unless you have a very slow metabalism if I spelt that correctly,
    Just want to say how can this guy run a country if he can’t even run accross the road…

  • Scott

    Why is the fact he is obese an issue for running for Presidency? Surely you would want the best person for the job. I understand that being president would be a very stressful commitment, and that obesity increases the strain on your heart and therefore he is more prone to heart failure – but does that affect his abilities at being president?
    Is it not his call as the whether the personal risk to his health is worth it?

    Personal opinion is he should definately be allowed to run for presidency and his medical background is irrelevant! Surely judging somebody on the fact they are fat is just another form of discrimination? Should Barack have been denied running for President because he smokes?

    Yes he is overweight – but it’s irrelevant as to whether he would make a sound presidential candidate.

    • dackmont

      If he’s dead, that affects his ability to be President pretty intensely. And being that fat puts him at significantly higher risk. This is really about whether he respects the country (not to mention himself) enough to take steps that he won’t die in office. He should do it now, if only for his family. It’s reckless to stay that fat.

  • PoliticsMinistry

    He’s too in love with Obama to run for president.

    • dackmont

      Definitely a disqualifier. Wait, Obama himself ran. :-)

  • Christopher Willson

    Do we want a president that makes good decisions or one who has the ability to run a marathon? I think the answer is quite straightforward.

    • dackmont

      How about one who respects the office enough to take steps to ensure s/he isn’t at substantially elevated risk to die in it? Christie should lose the weight if he thinks the country needs him to be President — pretty simple. Or does he think we only sorta need him?

  • Paulette Marsollier

    Chris Christie is a perfect candidate for the ‘biggest loser” except he is truly a winner! Hopefully he chooses both the first and the latter.

  • Brad Fluetsch

    Yes, his insistence of the pork filled Sandy bill demonstrates Christie likes pork and cannot stop feeding on it.

    • dackmont

      Do you believe everything you hear on talk radio or just the major talking points that the rightwing think tanks pass on to Rush et. al.?

  • Micaela Mk MacLachlan

    Struggling to understand why any of this is important. If we find out a presidential candidate IS HIV-positive, does that disqualify her from running? And she does run and won’t vote for her because she’s HIV-positive, is that discrimination?

  • Steve A. Lea

    Ban-berg (I mean Bloomberg) would be ashamed.

  • Guest

    I am worried about him surviving the strains of the office, but even more so his diplomatic sense. His statement closes with “Until that time, she should shut up.” Not even close to a Presidentially appropriate response.


    I would be worried about the strain of office on anyone who had health issues. Even more of a concern is the last sentence quoted: “Until that time, she should shut up.” Not the way I would want a US President to express him or herself.

    • LastoftheZucchiniFlowers

      You said it. What passes for normal in NJ is NOT what we need in the leader of the free world. Sorry Chris C. – you won’t be CIC whether fat or thin because you are Not presidential. That actually matters.

    • Guest

      “I would be worried about the strain of office on anyone who had health issues.”

      So you admit that you’re worried that Hilary will have yet another “brain snap”?

  • Mandy Moore

    What the hell does his size have to do with if he can run the country.. so freaking TYPICAL of america!!!! He is fine.. We need a REAL Leader!! who gives a F**K about his size.. just get it done!! and do something about HEALTHCARE!!!

    • dackmont

      I bet you’re a swing voter.

  • Anika Schaedler

    Of course he is, the same way John McCain was too old to be president. Both are life threatening maladies that definitely should be taken into consideration when electing our nation’s leader.

    • EE Smith

      At the time of the 2008 election, John McCain was 72 years old. Come the 2016 election, Hillary Clinton will be 69 years old. I guess we can count her out for being “too old to be president” as well?

      • Anika Schaedler

        Sorry, did I miss some national announcement that Hillary Clinton was running for president?

        Whomever decides to run on EITHER side I will take into consideration their age and health concerns. FYI, I did not vote democrat in this last election. I have nothing against Christie politically (though I chuckled and agreed with the above poster who said he represents the global impression of Americans – loud, obnoxious and obese).

        • EE Smith

          Fair enough.

    • dackmont

      Not sure if you’re being ironic about being 72 years old as a “life threatening malady”, but it’s a fact that Christie is more at-risk than McCain is. There’s a reason they call it morbid obesity.

  • Tolga Onuk

    he is not fat he has big bones.

  • Charu Raj

    Being obese is a definite cause for concern. He must undergo fitness test before he runs for presidency. That being said, you cannot disqualify the man just because he is fat. I don’t think America needs super models for presidency.

  • nicopretorius

    And yet fit people in excellent health die from heart disease as well. Rather focus on the genes and see if there are heriditary issues, will be a better indication as to overall health.

    • dackmont

      Interesting question — is family history as strongly correlated with morbidity as morbid obesity is? Not sure.

  • David Karen

    The guy can diet, but he can’t grow a brain… ask George

  • Raymond

    Is Chris Christie too obese to run for president? Perhaps. Maybe he can walk a short distance for president…

  • Coastey77

    Haters obesity is a serious addiction! Whilst, the mind “how can this food hurt me” This is the worse kind of an addition and usually takes a trip to the hospital to that life changing moment! The obese person, sees no harm in it compared to drinking alcohol and/or use drugs! I believe, Gov. Christie does need to consider his weight, because of the perception micro-brain people are so willing to throw-stones when their house is made of glass!

  • G. Das

    Why Americans feel that their president has to be an Olympic grade athlete or as virtuous as Pope? Of course it will be good if Gov Christie reduces his weight but it can’t be linked to his candidature. That’s discrimination mentality.

  • Joe DiPietro



    Our current chief executive smokes and has a history of cocaine and cannabis abuse. The president has never released his complete records.

    • dackmont

      He quite smoking. And who cares if he did those drugs? They don’t impact his present functioning or longevity. The only thing about Obama’s drug use that matters to me is his hypocrisy in continuing the War On Some Drugs.

  • AZ, MD

    Have you perhaps seen Obama’s surgeon-general? I have not seen her but I understand she is morbidly obese!
    Check it out

  • ObummerSUX

    Why is it Democrats can’t wait to ridicule the obese and have the attitude “no self control”, “they did it to themselves” etc when they die but when Gays die of AIDS from a lifetime of high-risk unprotected Gay sex we are all supposed to feel sorry for them????

    Both are CHOICES that had CONSEQUENCES.


    • EE Smith

      You will also find some Republicans who have all the empathy in the world for those suffering the ill effects of morbid obesity, but barely-veiled contempt for AIDS sufferers. Neither party has a monopoly on hypocrites.

    • dackmont

      Where’s the evidence that Democrats, as a group, are less tolerant of obesity than Republicans? Are you confusing being science-based (e.g. “nutrition is important”, “evolution is real” etc.) with bigotry? Figures. The right is so anti-science, and know-nothing, it’s amazing. Betcha thought R-money would win too right?

      • ObummerSUX

        Can you say obtuse? Everyone knows deep down “tolerant” Libbie-trash absolutely HATE those who are overweight/obese. LMAO.

        Science? You mean “cook the numbers” “Science” that the “Global Warming” “Scientists” had to use to get the result they wanted? LMAO.

        And finally, Remember when America had a REAL President? LMAO.

      • ObummerSUX

        Can you say obtuse? “Tolerant” Libbies can’t stand the obese.

        Science??? You mean the “cook the numbers” “science” that the “Global Warming” “Scientists” had to use to get the results they wanted???? LMFAO.

        And finally, remember when America had a REAL President?

        The reality is you’ll support your “hero” obummer no matter how bad he is–you’d support this POS even if he uses drones to kill Americans on American soil–you had no problem with Benghazi!

  • Noneya

    Your next article should be “Is Obama too black to be President?” Kudos to you if you do so.

    • EE Smith


  • StephenModesto

    ….this is great…..there are 194 comments so far. It is good people are expressing their `feelings’. I agree very much with what you wrote and how you wrote it. Take the custom tailored suit of the `emperor’s new clothes’ off Chris Christie and put him in briefs at the beach for a photo op holiday media event and this guy just does not `cut the muster’ for a commander-in-chief. It is that simple…Just remain a well practiced bureaucrat in the machinery of
    government. Just remain secretary of `something’ and remain morbidly obese, as is a person’s legal and constitutional `right’ , but not the role of `Mr. President’.

  • katerinahurd

    Do you think that obesity has been defined? In the times of politicizing medicine, it’s good to know the health status of the president or a candidate for president. How far in the succession to the presidency should a medical history be transparent? You stated that Senator McCain made his medical history available. Shouldn’t we be aware of his significantly younger running mate’s health condition? Regardless of HIPAA do you think that the confidentiality principle should apply to future patient or only current patients.

    • dackmont

      Morbid obesity is well-defined (fact) and Christie clearly fits (obvious from a photo). No need to puzzle over it. Or to pretend to.


    we were all worried about McCain and his health and his cancer.

    Look at FDR.

    Christie is too fat, no question. Hiliary had a few medical mis-haps.

    That doesn’t disqualify anyone from running for public office.

    • dackmont

      I don’t think Hillary is known to have had a condition that creates a big risk that she could die in office, FWIW.

      • Guest

        No, just that she has to bail out of important senate hearings and such at the last moment because of whatever mystery brain problem she has. This mystery brain problem may or may not be increasing the risk of her dying in office (no one knows, because we’re not allowed to even ASK to see her medical records) but based on her past performance, when there’s an emergency she’s needed for she may or may not feel “up to it”.

        • dackmont

          Right, because being so fat that your risk of heart attack is off the charts is no problemo, but having the flu and fainting and banging your head (mystery solved for ya there) is a BFD, lol. Like I said: this is on Christie. If he thinks America needs him as President, he will lose the weight: something under his control, something he can do to substantially reduce risk of dying in office. Responsibility, remember? Why subject your country to such a risk? Or your family? Lose the weight. People do it all the time; it can be done.

  • dackmont

    McCain, in fact, gave “select members of the media a three-hour glimpse at his medical records”. See “McCain to allow peek at medical records” on CNN.

    I agree entirely that Christie’s weight, like any medical issue that could affect performance or (gulp) mortality, is a legitimate issue. How could it not be? No matter what party… sheesh, does everything have to be politicized?

  • Guest

    Christie should lose the weight if he wants to run. It would be in his
    best interest and the country’s — that is if he thinks he’s the best
    candidate for the job. If he does think he is, then it’s better if he reduces the risk of
    his dying in office, yes? This is on Christie.

    • dackmont

      Sigh — I asked Disqus to delete this and instead it anonymizes it…. brilliant.

  • dackmont

    If Christie wants to run, he should lose the weight. Doing so would be in his best interest and the country’s, assuming he thinks that he’s the best person for the job. If he does, then it’s better that he reduce the risk of his dying in office, right? This is on Christie.

  • MyraMaines

    I would like to see physicians medical records published, especially mental health. Gosh. The man is quite able and frankly his weight is none of your business and he was right to berate that doctor.

  • LastoftheZucchiniFlowers

    He is suffering from denial like many patients who are obese and refuse to take ownership of those very behaviors which resulted in their obesity. A 275 lb. pt who has a c/c of ‘worsening joint pain’ wants pain meds but will not consider a discussion of their weight as mediator of pain. An obese diabetic patient refusing to incorporate diet and exercise into their lifestyle along with their ever increasing insulin does not want to hear about amputations, blindness and dialysis in his future. The obese patient who wants Adderall but will not provide a 24 hour intake sheet misses the point as does the morbidly obese patient who ‘never eats anything’ yet has steadily gained over 25 lbs every year for the last three years.
    Denial of obesity is ubiquitous in our society. Why? Because despite our best intentions, the visual effect of obesity is interpreted (whether fair or unfair) as a character flaw implying the obese person is not doing anything to fix the situation. Thus we extrapolate that the obese person will do less than his/her best and will tolerate mediocrity more easily than the non-obese person. Obesity is really self-loathing as Christie’s frequent outbursts make imminently clear. He’s angry at himself for his obesity but lashes out at all critics in a thinly veiled attempt to deflect his detractors.

  • KayGee

    That is just ridiculous. Just because he’s overweight doesn’t mean he’s incapable of being president. He could probably be a thousand times better than the president we have now. That’s what is wrong with America today, instead of focusing on how a president can help change our country and make it better we’re too busy saying “Oh no, we can’t have Christy cause he’s fat. Let’s find a skinnier candidate, maybe his good looks and charm will get us out of debt.” It doesn’t matter if he’s overweight, people are too materialistic. And what about President Taft, he was overweight and that didn’t stop him from being president.

  • Steve

    Imagine if he wrote this, “One doesn’t need to be an education specialist in order to arrive at the conclusion that Obama is black and therefore falls into the category of those who are at higher risk of low IQ, drug abuse, etc. . . . I think a good rule of thumb is this: that which is known or readily apparent is fair game. If you are black then I’m going to want to see your college transcript and drug tests.”

    One day it won’t be acceptable to assume fat people are unfit for office and pretend it’s because “they can’t handle stress, as statistics show.” For now we can be thankful the day has already come when it isn’t acceptable to assume black people are unfit for office and pretend it’s because “they are dumb, as statistics show.”

  • Charlene M Morris

    VP Cheney had an implantable pacemaker, known severe CAD and h/o 5 (FIVE) heart attacks since age 30, yet I never heard any vitriol of his health. Remember, a president goes and the VP (eg: Cheny) is IN.

    There was a prez with a bipolar wife (Lincoln) a morbidly obese president who required changes to WH structures (Rutherford Hayes) a president who did not allow anyone to photograph him in his wheelchair (post polio F D Roosevelt) and even ‘41 was captured stumbling (syncope or over exertion?!) while running. Then there was the Tokyo dinner incident, where he likewise collapsed..

    I suppose that many realize obesity can exist with fitness, yet our society is too focused on Michelle’s butt and Christie’s gut.

  • Wayland Hollin

    i was invited to the national academy of future physicians. i am obese to is she going to put me down too. considering she runs it,.haha just because your heavy does not mean your a danger to society

  • elizabeth52

    It sounds like this man’s weight is being used to put him down.
    Politics in Australia is a nasty business, but I can’t recall one of our heavier politicians ever being ridiculed and judged over his weight. (he recently lost a lot of weight)

    I think shaming people over their weight is a bad move, making people feel bad about themselves just makes things worse.
    The voters will decide whether this man is right for the job – judge him on his merits, not his weight.

  • Rob Burnside

    I’m 5′ 9″ tall and weigh 210. According to my GP’s chart, I’m flirting with obesity (50 lbs overweight). What’s happened to body types? Isn’t Chris Christie a mesomorph? And if so, can’t we “allow” him his bulk? Would Pavarotti have sounded the same at 150 pounds?

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