What patients can learn from the flu outbreak

What patients can learn from the flu outbreak

What patients can learn from the flu outbreak

Get your flu vaccine now, if you haven’t already.

And in the future, be sure to get it early in the season.

Read more in my column on CNN, In the future, get vaccinated earlier:

One reason why the flu outbreak is so prevalent this year is that the predominant strain, H3N2, hasn’t been this widely circulated since 2002-03 and is associated with a more severe illness.

But another reason is the relatively low percentage of patients who received a flu shot. This year’s vaccine is well matched to the circulating viruses and, while not perfect, provides good protection. Flu shots are about 60% effective. But more than half of Americans skip the vaccine. Only 46% received one last year. This year’s numbers are about the same.

Enjoy the piece.

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  • http://twitter.com/erbr1985 Robert Erb

    no flu vaccine

  • http://twitter.com/FerkhamPasha Ferkham pasha

    Is the flu vaccine effective?

  • http://www.facebook.com/obinna.akunna Obinna Akunna

    I don’t get this emphasis on the flu vaccine. The only thing that really helps are the basics: rest (sleep), water, less stress….and more rest. As a society, health professionals should focus on getting people the basics and quit with the flu vaccine panacea crap.

    Imagine the type of lives most of us live compared to a generation ago…..1hr traffic to and from work five days a week, overstuffed weekends because we have no time to do anything during the week. Is it really a surprise that we are succumbing to the flu in greater numbers than ever.

    Sure if you are high risk (elderly, immunocompromised, pregnant), get it….but otherwise your best prevention is building a healthy immune system.

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