CNN column: Flaws shouldn’t stall health reform

CNN column: Flaws shouldnt stall health reformOn the day before the Supreme Court begins hearing oral arguments on the Affordable Care Act, my take on health reform is now up on Despite flaws, health care law is needed.

Patients need help now, and cannot wait for an unlikely solution that will appeal to both spectrums of the political aisle: “Far too many patients can no longer afford to obtain basic care. It’s their stories that have made me realize we desperately need to fix our broken health care system, and accept health reform despite its shortcomings. We cannot let the pursuit of perfection become the enemy of doing the right thing.”

Enjoy the piece.

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  • Terence Ivfmd Lee

    Is the assumption that there are doctors sitting around doing nothing? And now that “coverage” is given to everyone who previously didn’t have “coverage”, now all those patients can be matched with all the doctors who were sitting idle and the doctors can be doing something with their time and the patients can get the attention they want? If so, then this act of government would make more sense.However, if the current situation is that doctors are already booked at near-maximum, then simply giving coverage to more people will not solve any problem, but may result in things getting worse as there will be many patients chasing few healthcare resources.Another way to ask look at is this: If 1000 people currently without coverage for 20-minute office visits suddenly get coverage and they take up 20 minutes of doctor-time each, where did these 20 minutes come from? If the doctor didn’t see these patients, what would he have been doing otherwise? Seeing other patients? And if so, then what happens to those other patients that WOULD HAVE been seen by the doctor during those 20 minutes, if now those 20 minutes are going towards seeing the previous uncovered people?

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