Top stories in health and medicine this morning, January 24, 2012

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1. Cardiac Risk Higher for Women Getting Radiation. Women undergoing radiation therapy for esophageal cancer appear to be at greater risk of cardiac complications than men.

2. Gastric Ca Survival Rates Down, Chemo Use Up. A decline in survival rates in stage IV gastric cancer coincides with the increased use of chemotherapy rather than radiation and surgery.

3. FDA Warnings Not Heeded Equally. The attention paid to FDA notices about drug risks appears to be highly variable, with some notices having a wide impact and others garnering a delayed response or none at all.

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  • annette

    healt care is all paper work and more paper work. I a nurse on LTD and my physican had to fill out a mountain of paper work and they continue to want more. How many do you need to tell the insurance company that I am disable. I would like to work, but with low vision, kidney disease, loss of mobility it is not possible.
    I have seen how many times doctor’s get paged for stupid stuff in the middle of the night to remind them to sigh verbal order. please this needs to stop.

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