Obese Americans don’t actually realize they are obese

What if you passed a regulation, and nobody cared? Obesity is quickly emerging as a major policy issue, with related health costs consuming 10 cents on every health dollar – and rising. Policymakers, then, are eager for ideas. Top of the list: regulations to force chain restaurants to post calorie counts on their menus. This past Friday, the FDA released proposed regulations to force restaurants to do exactly that.

New York and other cities have implemented the idea; it’s mandated in the president’s health care legislation that was signed into law a year ago this week. Medical studies are an important tool in judging these efforts and policymakers now have several studies to help weigh the effectiveness of the calorie count policy. A quick summary: good politics but dubious policy.

Medical studies are always in the news. Newspapers often report the results of each study but reporters rarely have the time to compare several studies or sift for broader trends. I’m a practicing physician and a health policy analyst, so I track these studies. And let me declare my bias up front: I’m also a fiscal conservative. I believe conservatives should take action to fight obesity in America to help cut public and private health care costs. I also believe America needs a cultural shift in personal wellness and health care to fight obesity, not a long menu of new regulations, new taxes or new federal programs in Washington. We need to inspire Americans to take control over their own health, instead of fixating on top-down solutions to micromanage American diets.

With that bias in mind, I was skeptical when New York mayor Michael Bloomberg pushed for mandatory calorie counts in N.Y. restaurants. I was skeptical when the president’s health reform bill made them mandatory across America. I don’t oppose calorie reporting – but in the absence of a cultural change, mandatory calorie counts seem to be of little use.

Calorie reporting seems premised on the myth that Americans are desperate to buy spinach salads or grilled swordfish, but corporations con them into buying cheeseburgers at the precise moment their cars reach the window of their local drive-thru.

Here’s how that plan has fared so far. Notice the trend.

  • October 2009. Researchers from Yale and the NYU School of Medicine publish a study in Health Affairs they tout as a “first look” at the impact of calorie counts in New York City. Result: “we did not detect a change in calories purchased after the introduction of calorie labeling.”
  • August 2010. Researchers from Stanford University and the National Bureau of Economic Research review sales data for New York City Starbucks. They conclude: “food calories per transaction fell by 14% (equal to 14 calories per transaction on average)” and beverage calories “did not substantially change” for a net calorie drop of just 6 percent per transaction.
  • January 2011. In the American Journal of Preventative Medicine, researchers from Duke – NUS Medical School tracked buying decisions in Taco Time franchises after a Washington State county passed a mandatory calorie posting law. They find: “No impact of the regulation on purchasing behavior was found. Trends in transactions and calories per transaction did not vary between control and intervention locations after the law was enacted.”
  • February 2011. The lead author of the first NYU study expanded on those results for the International Journal of Obesity, focusing on key groups: teens, parents and children in low-income neighborhoods. “We found no statistically significant differences in calories purchased before and after labeling.”

Four studies. Three failing grades and one marginal pass.

But why is this surprising? Remember, a Harris survey in late 2010 found that 70 percent of obese Americans don’t actually realize they are obese. If the average consumer doesn’t know (or care) that he’s facing a health risk, how is reporting the fifty calorie difference between one double burger and another going to change his health outcomes? In a dining culture where millions of people automatically equate “more food” with “better value,” was it really a stretch to believe some people might use calorie counts as a tool to load up, instead of slimming down?

To be fair, there’s one more study. It found calorie counts were a roaring success. In a presentation by the study team at a 2009 conference of the American Obesity Society, this outlier found that the law helped customers cut their consumption by an average 12.3 percent in lunches purchased at New York fast food restaurants.

Who did the research? It was conducted by the New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene. Yes, the same bureaucracy that convinced Mayor Bloomberg to embark on this whole exercise in the first place.

David Gratzer is a physician and senior fellow at the Manhattan Institute. He is author of The Cure: How Capitalism Can Save American Health Care.

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  • http://holtxa.myopenid.com/ openid7&

    Providing facts to individuals generally provides the greatest benefits to those who are already at low risk. In this case, the people most likely to act on calorie count information are people who are not obese, in part because they are aware of the risk, aware of their weight, and already acting in a way that keeps them thin. In a like fashion, those who quit smoking after the release of the 1964 report from the Surgeon General were very different from the sort of smokers we see still puffing away today, despite a half-century of lectures about the hazards of smoking.

    To believe that providing information to individuals who are obese will result in substantial weight loss you have to accept certain propositions:
    - That factual information is as persuasive as comprehensive marketing campaigns that use the full range of emotional appeals and other strategies to influence behavior;
    - That the rise in obesity is the result of millions of people deciding to eat more and exercise less.

    Both propositions have serious weaknesses.

    As mentioned above, people (almost all of them under age 18) continue to taking up smoking despite overwhelming (and constantly repeated) warnings about the hazards. Those old warning labels on cigarette packs were no match for the carefully researched and tested marketing campaigns of tobacco companies. (We will see how the new graphic warnings perform.) The calorie count information is just as dry as those old cigarette pack warnings. They assume consumers act rationally. Marketers know that’s often not the case.

    It seems than rather than a massive decline in will power across the population, the true cause of rising obesity has much to do with changes in our physical environment and the food economy.

    Over recent decades we have steadily engineered physical activity out of our daily lives. We sit in cars to get to and from work and school and other activities. We sit at desks most of the day. Lectures about exercising more can’t magically eliminate the structural reasons that we move less now.

    Our food and agriculture policies and business practices have changed what food is most readily available and at what cost. No matter how big the print on calorie count listings, that information can’t change the fact that a fast food chain’s $1 meals provide a lower-cost hunger fix than fresh fruits and vegetables. (And good produce is unavailable or more expensive in low-income neighborhoods than it is in wealthier areas.)

    You may be right that calorie counts are no magic bullet. But the real problem is that we seem to believe that obesity can be reduced by lecturing fat people… while turning a blind eye to larger policy and economic forces that set us on this path.

  • http://www.practitionersolutions.com Niamh van Meines

    Perhaps we should focus on mandating the food industry to take the sugar and chemicals out of our food and put food back in our food! And then there genetically modified foods which we don’t actually know is doing to us but I’m sure we’ll find out in about 30 years. Then perhaps shutting down a couple of hundred thousand fast chemical restaurants would be great. When the glycemic index decreases along with the cravings for sugar and excessive calorie consumption I’m thinking the obesity problem will be somewhat solved.

  • http://twitter.com/anniebradford Annie Bradford

    I suspect that behavioral economists everywhere are having a good chuckle over this initiative. As much as we would like to believe in people as rational, information-driven consumers, our behaviors are shaped by numerous and highly influential external forces. We are not fatter because we have become mysteriously less able to make rational choices. We are fatter because overeating has become drastically more convenient.

  • http://www.facebook.com/flesheatingemu Bion Alex Howard

    Well, there needs to be more emphasis on what the numbers actually mean–you can post all of the calorie counts you want, but if people don’t know how MANY calories they should be eating, they’re just shooting in the dark. Maybe insurance companies should give gym membership discounts and pay family docs to calculate basal metabolic rates and provide that information to patients? Unfortunately, under fee-for-service, doctors aren’t paid for preventative care…but make a ton from hospitalization. Hmmm, I wonder what that will cause? But, of course, it isn’t just doctors who have control over this stuff. The american people need to take more responsibility. As for how to get THAT ball rolling, I am at a loss. 

  • http://www.HealthcareMarketingCOE.com/ Simon Sikorski MD

    Want another scary statistic on obesity? Here’s one from CDC http://ow.ly/6Lzzv

  • http://twitter.com/JonathanStweetr Jonathan Streeter

    I would think a conservative would be in favor of information disclosure because it allows individuals to take responsibility for their choices. As a WeightWatchers member, I want the information about calories not because I will stop eating a certain food, but rather because it allows me to figure out when, where, and how often I can reasonably eat that food.

    Content labelling seems smart to me. The cost to large corporations is infinitessimal, and it allows people to be informed, responsible eaters.

    As someone who is NOT politically conservative, I don’t think the answer is to force companies to exclude foods or ingredients (unless they damage health). But I wouldn’t be opposed to a warning label on a fast food burger similar to the warning on a cigarette package. Both can kill ya.

    Having lost 50 pounds nine years ago (and maintained that loss since then), I can attest that it’s definitely possible for information to lead to lasting behavior change!!

  • http://www.stephaniefrederick.com Stephanie Frederick, RN, M.Ed.

    Worksite health and wellness promotion is a great place to start.  My first recommendation:  Teach people how to read food labels, and particularly how to identify High Fructose Corn Syrup.  It hides out  in everything and is extremely damaging to the body.  If folks engaged in only one new behavior by eliminating HFCS, the obesity rate in this country would plummet.

  • Dwayne Young

    As a person who is very interested in eating healthy, I appreciate the inclusion of calorie information. Perhaps the “failure” of these policies is misleading.  Think of it this way: Try encouraging people to start running a marathon before you lay out the course. We need the tools in place before we can expect people to use them, and information is one of the most powerful tools we can provide.  So, instead of arguing against mandating calorie disclosure perhaps we should, as healthcare professionals, concentrate our efforts on teaching people how to use it.

  • Anonymous

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    When is the FDA going to admit this?  Never, because the FDA and other corrupt government officials/politicians/academics/doctors and all too many others have become filthy rich and more powerful by making people’s life problems, social reactions and normal stress reactions to the psychopathic, narcissistic power elite’s increasing assaults on normal people for limitless greed, profit and power.  These “crises” are  designed to cause social upheaval, so the plutocracy running the world can take over more turf  and rob everything like the robber barons of the past.  The books, SHOCK DOCTRINE, SNAKES IN SUITS and POLITICAL PONEROLOGY describe how these robots usurp power by destroying normal people.

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  • http://www.facebook.com/people/David-Brown/692744221 David Brown

    Fifty years ago most Americans were slim. Counting calories? Not necessary because appetite regulated caloric intake. Why doesn’t that work today? Dietary advice furnished by the U.S. Department of Agriculture has created a fat-phobic mindset causing Americans to consume, in excess, foods that dis-regulate the appetite. http://freepressonline.net/node/144

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