Top stories in health and medicine this morning, January 7, 2011

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Welcome to Morning Rounds, where I preview the top health and medicine stories of the day.

1. RA in Men Associated With Mortality Risk. Men with rheumatoid arthritis were more than twice as likely to die over a seven-year period as their counterparts in the general population.

2. NICUs May Be Source of Donor Organs. Organs from infants who die of cardiac reasons in the neonatal intensive care unit may represent a new donor source for patients awaiting transplantation.

3. BMJ Lifts Curtain on MMR-Autism Fraud. In an article and editorial published online, a leading medical journal, BMJ, has taken aim at a competitor, The Lancet, by singling out a controversial paper that falsely linked a vaccine to increased risk of autism.

4. Antibiotic Passes Test for Use in IBS. Patients with nonconstipation irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) had significant improvement in symptoms following two weeks of treatment with the antibiotic rifaximin (Xifaxan).

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