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1. A medical student chooses dermatology because of family

2. Evidence based medicine at the expense of the art of medicine

3. Waterbirth dangers to newly born babies

4. Patient relationships with their doctors over time

5. House, M.D. physician technical advisor interview

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  • Robin Meadows

    I read your article on Persisant nerve pain following breast surgery. That is what I have. I’ve been dealing with this relentless pain for 3 1/2 yrs. I have the burning incision, pounding shoulder, clenching arm, numb prickly hand and last 2 fingers. The occasional chest charley horse and on lower arm. Pain is a PAIN but can TRY to be controlled, Cancer will kick your butt. I’m
    cancer-free! Thank you for the article. ~ Robin meadows

  • oldoc

    I vote for country doctor.
    As long as we talk nothing gets done.
    We need to act. We need to develop a whole new set of systems that we are in charge of(example-medical insurance company run by doctors with business sense). We must structure a system that is profession first and business second.
    We need to be in charge. We need to act. Then you will start getting medical students going into primary care. Thank you.

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