A cartoon guide to non-clinical jobs for doctors

What awaits some physicians who decide to quit medicine.

A cartoon guide to non clinical jobs for doctors

(via A Cartoon Guide to Becoming a Doctor)

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  • http://www.silvercensus.com/ Steffan Lozinak

    Both amusing and depressing. I think making “jobs”, work, and therefor life and existence more enjoyable should be one of the primary goals of society. People shouldn’t have to dread 40+ hours a week of their life. (And staying at home isn’ that bad!!!)

  • BD

    Illuminating re: finance/consulting option – yes, there are people other than physicians who work very hard for the money they earn. Anyone who enters a high-earning profession primarily for the attractive salary will inevitably, eventually, be unhappy with that decision if the job description requires actual hard work and long hours.

  • Rch

    Now show a cartoon of a primary care doc with 20 patients in his waiting room and in the last panel, show the deposit slip for the bank drop of $153.56. That even more hilarious. That guy in the first panel by the way is home by noon and making a hell of a lot more than the PCP. And no call or weekends or night.

  • Not Savvy

    The Stay at Home Mom “job” was the toughest and the best job I ever had. It’s sad that the cartoonist feels parents that the stay at home “job” isn’t worth it.

  • http://doccartoon.blogspot.com/ Fizzy

    I’m the cartoonist. I don’t mean any offense to consultants, SAHMs, etc. I was just pointing out that all careers are challenging in their own ways.

  • Placido

    I agree with Savvy, actually. On first read it looked like a slap in the face to SAHMs. Especially since I read it on Mother’s Day.

  • pth

    I suppose people will be offended at whatever they wish to be offended by. I found it amusing.

  • Jenny

    I’m a stay at home mom and I don’t find this offensive at all. I’ve definitely had moments like that! Actually, I hate it when people act like being a SAHM is like a spa vacation, because it’s really a lot of work, although it’s work that I enjoy.

  • Not Savvy

    Clearly the cartoonist feels that doctoring is easier and more rewarding that mothering. Doctors get paid better than mothers.

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