The Colonoscopy Song, for colon cancer screening enthusiasts

Peter Yarrow of Peter, Paul & Mary has teamed up with CBS to deliver a serious health message to CBS viewers and audiences beyond: be screened for colon cancer.

(via Clinical Cases)

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  • Dr. Mary Johnson


    Loved the PP&M. Miss the M.

  • Edward Pullen MD

    I like.

  • Dr. Mary Johnson

    “Old Boomers”???

    Them’s fighting words;)

  • visibility9

    That is hilarious and lots of old boomers just love Peter but I still don’t think most over-50′s are going to get colonoscopies for routine screening.

  • visibility9

    Stated affectionately! I am a wise old boomer myself and most of my colleagues/friends have been advised to get routine screening colonoscopies-they envision an embarrasing, invasive, potentially ouchy (sorry too much time in peds) test and think to themselves, “Yeah I’ll get right on that.”.

  • BettyG, Iowa lyme activist

    Peter, what a great original song with your typical ENTHUSIASM and gestures to make this very effective!!

    This one means alot to me; my late mom, Alice, died 20 yrs. ago 7-22-90 of colon cancer to the liver before it was discovered although she had gone to endless drs. for 7 yrs. trying to find the reasons for her vomiting 24/7 spells, etc.

    Peter, my sympathies to you on the loss of your beloved singing partner, Mary! We loved you 3; enjoyed the new PBS special & taped it.

    Peter, you were great in Des Moines, Iowa for the annual VARIETY CLUB fundraiser several yrs. ago. You mentioned you were going to bring your singing partners, Mary & Paul, next time; too bad this didn’t occur for old times sake.

    BettyG, Iowa lyme activist
    40 yrs. chronic lyme/tick disease
    34.5 yrs. misdiagnosed by 40-50 drs…UNACCEPTABLE!

  • visibility9

    Chronic lyme/ tick? Goes great wtih fibromyalgia and environmental allergy syndrome. All a conspiracy of big pharma to keep us enslaved when they refuse to diagnose these things properly.