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With yesterday’s introduction of Google Buzz, there’s now more ways than ever to join the conversation.

Follow KevinMD on Google Buzz For those using Google’s Gmail, you can continue the debate by logging into Gmail, then joining me on Google Buzz.

Of course, you can also follow on the newly introduced iPhone app, as well as on Facebook.

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  • Peter

    There is an error when attempting to comment on your posts through Google Buzz.

    • Kevin

      Hmm … just tried a few test comments and it seemed to work ok.

      Anyone else having this problem?

      • Peter

        I was trying it on the specific article “Why are demented women still getting mammograms?”, but I tried a test comment on the most recent post, and I receive the error “Oops, there was an error posting your comment. Please try again in a few seconds.” It has been like that for the last 20 minutes.

        • Peter

          I will add that it is only with your posts (every one of your posts in fact) do I get this error.

          • Kevin

            Don’t have an answer for this. Let me see if anyone else has this problem. Thanks for bringing this up.

  • Jillene

    I am having the same problems regarding comments on posts! It seems to let my comment on my own posts, but when ever I try to comment on someone else’s, it gives me the same error.

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