Health care reform requires listening to doctors and patients; my New York Times take

Did President Obama say enough in last night’s State of the Union address to improve the perilous state of health care reform?

Health care reform requires listening to doctors and patients; my New York Times take I discuss what needs to be done to help reform’s prospects in a piece from the New York Times’ Room for Debate blog:

A recent Gallup poll noted that 73 percent of patients trusted their doctor’s opinion on health reform, surpassing the trust they had in health policy experts, Congress and even President Obama himself.

So to best convince patients, reformers need to garner widespread physician support; essential not only to pass any comprehensive measure, but to ensure its enduring success.

President Obama’s ability to convince enough doctors that reform will benefit their patients and facilitate the way physicians can best care for them, will be critical in determining health reform’s fate.

Enjoy the piece, and thanks to the New York Times for the opportunity to contribute.

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  • Dr. Mary Johnson

    Yeah, right. Like Obama & company care what doctors think.

    Still waiting on that phone call from the White House – because someone there really wants to hear from a whistle-blowing doctor badly BURNED in a Federal service program courtesy of a “non-profit” . . . fired for putting a dying baby first.

    There’s a whole lot to fix before we give the government more to do.

    Not holding my breath on the call.

  • A Practicing Physician

    The entire Health Care Reform process has been run by lawyers from get go, and we all know how much they like us. Hell will freeze over before they will listen to physicians.

  • Dr. Mendoza

    Amen whatever! My pratice refuse to see obesity patients that don’t want or try to lose weight. That’s what the problem with our health care now is these obesity people not the illegal immgrants it the obesity people.

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