A designer IV bag makes a hospital fashion statement

Concept photos imagines what hospital life would be like if IV bags were trendy.

A designer IV bag makes a hospital fashion statement

Reminds me of the custom teddy bear blood transfusion bag that I saw earlier this year.

A designer IV bag makes a hospital fashion statement

(via Better Health and Medgadget)

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  • http://askanmd.blogspot.com/ Doctor D

    I hope that the government doesn’t try to ration patient’s access to these IV bags. Drug reps could convince physicians that the designs improves patient response to fluids. They could be the new standard of care!

  • http://www.BookstoreMD.com BookstoreMD

    I don’t like the Teddy Bear transfusion bag. If it was real then the right leg would not drain and that blood would be wasted. Also the designer concept is interesting, but who will pay for it ????

  • http://hccinnovations.com Wendy Lawrence Axlund


    While still working in the clinical setting, I often thought that the hospitals should capitalize on offering the patients ‘designer (hospital) gowns’ for a nominal fee. Get Chanel, Louis Vuitton, and other top couture designers involved…hold unit-wide fashion shows…
    Since reimbursements are continuing to decline, hospitals need to come up with some type of supplemental revenue! This could be IT!

    Enjoyed your post, always do!!! Thanks for doing a great job!


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