Smoking cessation ads as art

From the always-excellent Street Anatomy, here are some artistic, and provocative, anti-smoking advertisements.

Smoking cessation ads as art Smoking cessation ads as art

Smoking cessation ads as art

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  • Dr_Mnemonic

    I like the concept, but… the people’s body contours have obviously been photoshopped. Look at the male’s waist. I’m all for the message, but the first thing that teenagers are going to think when they look at them is, “Wow, does smoking help you get thin and beautiful like THAT? Not bad…”

    I’m not saying they should have had some fat, greasy models either… but…

  • vendorMD

    Hmm..looks more like glamorizing smoking to me. Great idea though. I am glad FDA is taking over the cigarettes. :)

  • Chuck Brooks

    What were they smoking when they came up with these? Another fine example of taxdollars at work.
    Chuck Brooks
    FutureWare SCG

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