Welcome back, now powered by WordPress and Thesis

Thank you all for your patience.

The migration took longer than expected, but now the blog is running on WordPress and the acclaimed Thesis theme.

Many thanks to Aaron Brazell, aka Technosailor, for doing the job and navigating the obstacles along the way.  I am aware that the “Previous entries” link on the bottom of the main page, the Archives, and the RSS feed are not working properly.  They are being worked on.

Please contact me if there are any other bugs that you encounter.  I appreciate it.

Regular blogging will resume soon.  The writing break did me some good.  I feel recharged.

Update 5/23:

The Previous entries and RSS feed have been fixed.  Please let me know if you see other bugs.

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  • http://www.getbetterhealth.com Dr. Val

    Glad to have you back… and recharged! :)

  • http://patrickmd.net/blog/ Patrick

    Welcome back! You were missed.
    Minor issues:
    the Terms of Use Agreement has UTF-8 junk (e.g. “Author’s”) throughout, likely from Word to HTML conversion.
    The Lijit search box returns a screen that cuts off the left side; I would just get rid of the frame embedding.
    The “Recent Comments” list includes trackbacks (see “HEALTHY LIFE GUIDE” trackback to a spam-blog.)

    Optimization suggestions:
    Set the webserver up to do gz compression.
    Add height and width tags to the images (especially the header) so that the browsers can lay out the page faster

    • http://www.kevinmd.com admin

      Thanks for the suggestions. Any ideas on how to remove the UTF-8 junk from the conversions en masse, without doing it manually?

      The Lijit search box returns fine on my computer, I’ll check it on others.

      I removed the spam pingbacks – thanks for that.

  • http://distractible.org Rob

    Congrats on the move. I am sure it was anxiety-provoking. Looks nice. I think you need a picture of a kid fighting a goat, though.

  • http://www.thehappyhospitalist.blogspot.com Happy Hospitalist

    Welcome back wise one.

  • http://patrickmd.net/blog/ Patrick

    I was wrong about the Word conversion thing; there are a bunch of posts with “’” where quotation marks should be. The root cause is that the UTF-8 output from Blogger was re-encoded as UTF-8 before being written into the WordPress database. This is easy to fix in an automated way by running a script against the database dump.

  • http://healthtrain.blogspot.com Gary L

    My motto is ‘if it ain’t broken, don’t mess with it’… Anyway, congratulations….Why the change?

  • http://www.thedragonflyinitiative.blogspot.com dragonfly

    Glad you got back relatively uneventfully.

  • http://www.33charts.com DrV

    I can’t tell the difference but I guess that was intended.

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