A teddy bear blood bag for pediatric blood transfusions

Making a blood transfusion as cute as can be.

(via Ivor Kovic)

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  • Steve Parker, M.D.

    I wonder how much of a premium the healthcare provider pays for the teddy bear bag instead of the usual shape.

  • Anonymous

    Who pays when some kid yanks the bag down?

  • Christine-Megan

    We often give kids only half a unit. I’m wondering if this teddy bear bag holds as much blood as a normal bag.

  • SarahW

    That’s slightly terrifying.

    I don’t think a teddybear full of blood would have pleased me as a child, either. I think I would have found it alarming. And watching it bleed out rather less than soothing. But YMMV.

    In that shot also it’s resembling a hideous blood-monkey, instead of a bear.

  • Ivor

    You are taking things way to seriously. This is just a design concept by a well respected London based studio. Nothing more and nothing less. As far as I know it is not in production. Will it ever be? I also don’t know. But, I thing we should think about new things and certainly include designers in the process. For me personally it is not alarming, nor in my opinion would it be alarming to children. Children love stories and this teddy bear gives a great basis to create one which could reassure them.