A concierge ER, or, can EMTALA-free, cash-only emergency departments save hospitals?

Given the financial trouble many ERs and hospitals are facing, concierge emergency care may be on the horizon.

Richard Winters (via GruntDoc) imagines such as scenario, which for a fee, patients receive private rooms, couches and chairs for family, private telephones and internet service, flat-screen television, and events to meet the hospital administration and physicians.

As long as every cent continues to be squeezed out of emergency departments, and patients revolt against waiting times and (perceived) substandard care, a “members-only” emergency department cannot be far off.

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  • JoshMD


  • Anonymous

    They have facilities like that in Canada, outside of their health service. Like USA Medicare, the deal is, you have to be 100% in or 100% out.

    Running something like that in the USA, sounds fine with me.

  • Anonymous

    The Institute for Priority Care, associated with a hospital that has no E.D. Not on the ambulance circuit.

    This isn’t rare in many places outside the USA, where private hospitals frequently don’t have emergency departments.

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