Physicians, just glorified merchants?

BusinessWeek stirs the pot asking whether doctors deserve respect owed to benevolent professionals.

Predictably, the lawyer rails on doctors saying that medicine has been turned into a business, with doctors being unduly influenced by economics.

The other side plays the knowledge card, contending that doctors deserve respect after undergoing such grueling training.

The lawyer is the one who is right.

Medicine is a business and medical students are indeed picking lucrative fields with money and lifestyle influencing their decisions.

But he makes the classic mistake of blaming the players, not the game.

Physicians have simply adapted to the rules given to them. Given a choice, many doctors would long for the old days where medicine was a far more benevolent profession.

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  • Sanvaca

    Common Doc, not all of us medical students are picking lucrative fields just for monetary purposes. Whats wrong with desiring the challenges that a particular specialty presents or enjoying helping those people that require treatment within your expertise. I dare say nothing. You know as I the endless hours and sleepless nights it takes to properly become an educated physician and I don’t believe its fair to cheapen the education that I’m acquiring, that you have completed and continue to engage. Read Dr. Buyaksha’s statement under that BusinessWeek article.

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