Did John McCain have a stroke?

Left-leaning Shadowfax openly wonders, after watching some video.

This is one instance where I’m going to call this oft-respectable blogger out for it.

As I mentioned before, I’m undecided and McCain certainly has his shortcomings. However, watching partisans engaging in Fristian-style video doctoring to score political points leaves me to question the motivation, and thus the credibility, of Shadowfax’s analysis in this case.

Orac and Dr. RW also comment on the issue, both suggesting that Shadowfax’s medical view of McCain may have been clouded by a partisan lens:

Well, if I present to an ER with Bell’s Palsy please don’t anybody give me tPA.


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  • afragen

    It could just be a bad botox injection.

  • Dr. Val

    As a rehab physician who’s seen a lot of strokes, this presentation is very unconvincing.

  • Throckmorton

    John McCain had a left sided lentigo maligna removed via a left parotidectomy where the entirety of the extrastyloid facial nerve was disected free of the partotid and the overlying skin. He then had a large left termporal and ccervial rotation flap reconstruction. As a result, some of the frontal branches of the facial nerve are a little weak and the areas that ShadowFax is questioning are where the flap has been rotated. I would summize that Shadowfax has no clue what he is talking about. I

  • Anonymous

    It’s odd to find these questions. I saw McCain on Leno last year. I’m a Democrat, so I wouldn’t have voted for him, but he was smart and funny. He respected and interacted with the audience. He impressed me as very capable. The man I see now is completely different–condescending, frightened, and dull in very way. He just isn’t the same person. He has abdicated decisions about his ad campaign and even his choice of VP to others who are clearly unqualified. Add to that the fact that he does not look good at all, and I half-joked to my husband that he must had had a stroke. If it isn’t a stroke, maybe it’s a brain tumor. My husband and I were also discussing the succession issue–if he doesn’t live until January. I just hope Obama is elected so we won’t have to find out.

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