Colonoscopy turf wars

What if Medicare decides to cover “virtual”, or CT, colonoscopies? Well, it’s going to be ugly.

Colonoscopies are the primary reason why GI physician salaries are so high. They’re going to do all they can to justify continuing to perform endoscopic colonoscopies.

It’s a similar situation with CT-angiograms and the cardiologists.

If physician specialties were stocks, I’d go long in radiology.

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  • Anonymous

    “If physician specialties were stocks, I’d go long in radiology.”

    You mean stock in imaging centers. The films can be read in India via teleradiology.

  • Brian T. Asmussen

    100% agree. Radiology will continue to explode. Same with RadOnc.

  • Anonymous

    Given the recent stat stating cancer risk increases .1% for every CT scan one undergoes, I suspect the Gen X/Gen Y population will substantially redistribute income from gastroenterologists to oncologists…

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