The next big thing in lawsuits

Hospital “never” events are the next big thing in litigation. From a WSJ op-ed:

Hospital infections will cause the next wave of class-action lawsuits, bigger than the litigation over asbestos.

There’s discussion over at Buckeye Surgeon and WhiteCoat.

Makes me somewhat thankful that I have an office-only practice.

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  • PharmacistMike

    I have worked in south Florida at medical centers offering cardiac surgery and I can tell you that I am sure Tenet deserved to pay the $31 million. I believe they may have even had to stop their open heart program for a while but don’t legally hold me to that one.

    This is going to be a huge issue. For example, most guidelines for open heart surgery call for antibiotic prophylaxis with cefazolin unless there is a high MRSA rate. However, a high MRSA rate is never defined. Does this mean if cefazolin is used and the patient get infected with MRSA that the patient can sue? What if they use vancomycin but don’t use prophylactic nasal bactroban?

    There is a mess a coming.

  • Anonymous

    We need to realize the political origins of these “never events”.

    This comes from the Bush Administration and its business approach to medicien, ie, why should they pay for a bad outcome?

    All of you doctors who support Republicans need to understand these wolves in sheep’s clothing. Of course, the AMA is typically duplicitous on the issue.

  • Anonymous

    From the article:

    “…..But now there is proof that nearly all hospital infections are avoidable when doctors and staff clean their hands and rigorously practice proper hygiene and other preventive measures…….”

    What studies would he be referring to?

  • Anonymous

    How exactly does a physician have the qualifications to determine what is the “next big thing” in class action lawsuits? It’s unlikely you could even create such a class given the varying damages.

    This is going to be bigger than asbestos (which isn’t even a class action in many cases)? Be serious.

    C’mon Kevin, apply just a little analytical thought before posting. Or are you really comfortable with giving this kind of hysterical silliness a forum? What are you going to post next – anti-flouridation screeds?

  • Anonymous

    Anon 07:32:
    Try actually reading the article.

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