Hospitalist medicine, in one act

I think Dr. Rob says it best in the comments of this brilliant post: “EXACTLY why I don’t do inpatient any more.”

I can’t imagine doing this, and then driving back and seeing 20+ patients in the office.

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  • Health Train Express

    So, for all this ‘performance’ medicare is going to pay you 1% more.
    Is there a special G code for this?

    How about a programmable page answerer?

  • Anonymous

    Nurses referring to patients as room numbers. It’s one of my irritants as well. And they say doctors can get cold and impersonal.

    At least calling the person “the gall bladder in room 202″ conveys some information.

    For me, I can only go by the patient’s full name and disease process. “Joe Blow, the guy with hepatitis”. Not claiming any special insight or empathy, just that’s how my brain works I guess. They move patients around all the time juggling the bed census, calling a patient by his/her room number does not register in my brain.

    Seems to work for the nurses I guess. “Room 202 has a fever” does not help me very much.

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