Taking on the doctor-nurses

A self-inflicted wound: “The remarkably anemic response of the AMA and AAFP to the aggressively ascendant doctor-nurses, of course, merely reflects how truly weakened the position of PCPs has become. PCPs are, and have allowed themselves to become, well and truly screwed.”

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  • The Independent Urologist

    Call these nurse-doctors what ever you want, but in my experience the public will cal anyone in a white coat “doctor.” This type of situation has been happening for many years and will continue to happen. From another perspective, MD PCPs will be in short supply and hopefully high demand. So the few remain may do nicely.
    Have you heard of any “nurse-urologists” yet?

  • Anonymous

    This move will only generate more consultations to specialists as these sub-MD providers will by definition have a smaller fund of knowledge.

  • Anonymous

    Although I am not in favor of “doctor-nurses”, the strategy to countering them has to be more sophisticated than just “turf protection.”

    Why and how are “doctor-nurses” going to be any different than nurse practitioners or physician’s assistants? We, as primary care doctors, have already embraced midlevels as substitutes for ourselves; that pandora’s box has already been opened. We need to treat nurse-doctors as no different, as physician extenders but not replacements.

    By the way, I am a family practitioner who is part of a 3 person group that does not use midlevels.

  • Anonymous

    @ The Independent Urologist : 10:16 AM — Have you heard of any “nurse-urologists” yet?

    More to the point maybe……have you seen any nurse-dentists?

  • Anonymous

    In my experience, it is physicians who are the culprits in giving the various counterfeits a practice sanctuary and professional cover.

    We are doing it to ourselves.

  • James

    This is such a ridiculous non-issue. Nurses already do serve as PCP’s in the form of nurse-practioners, so do P.A.’a. The demand for primary care providers is only going to increase. I’m pretty sure primary care doc’s are going to be just fine and should really just get over themselves.

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