Robert Centor: “I do believe we will have a payment revolution within 5 to 10 years. Our current system of payment makes little sense. Many writers and influence leaders now understand the problem. More physicians are leaving insurance dependence, and I predict that this trend will only increase.”

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  • Anonymous

    Wow. That really was not a very good link.

    On one hand we have someone spell out the problems that we all know exist. Then, on the other hand we have someone say “Ya! I love my job and make decent money to! Ya! and if you don’t love medicine your were probably in it to get rich, which you won’t” (paraphrase).

    I think the forbes article painted a much more convincing picture of why people should stay away from medicine.

  • Anonymous

    I am not in it to get rich, but I wouldn’t mind being able to stay out of debt while owning an independent primary care practice and working 7 days a week. I am seriously considering going all cash very soon. The cost of billing and collecting for the convenience of the patient, has exceeded any benefit to the growth of my practice.