Panda on AMSA

Panda Bear: “Here’s a group of American medical students who they tell me are drawn from the very top percentiles for intelligence spending their summer sitting at the feet of homeopaths, acupuncturists, and Reiki healers, soaking up the woo like so many lumps of dry cornbread. And they are buying it. Completely and wholeheartedly. The natural skepticism which is the true birthright of an educated man seems to have skipped a generation.”

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  • Edward Sodaro MD

    AMSA, American Medical Student Association, has been an absolute disgrace for many years, less than useless, incompetent, embarassing, and (now) proponents of criminal quackery.

    A confederacy of dunces.

  • Anonymous

    One hopes that it has merely skipped a single generation. On the other hand, multiple lines of evidences suggests that the post-modern philosophy that rejects the existence of objective truth has already ended the age of history began by the Enlightenment and that we are on the cusp of a new dark age of superstition and regression.

    I had a patient once ask me if I believe in post-modernism–she did. She did not argue with my explanation of why one wants a physician who believes in the objective reality of material facts however much human frailty and flaws may obscure the precise determination of those facts.

  • Anonymous

    It was my involvement with AMSA as a medical student that put me off organized medicine altogether. Children playing at being adults. A contest to see who can be more-politically-correct-than-thou.

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