Gotta love poorly implemented universal care

Shikha Dalmia, on how Massachusetts’ “reforms have inflated health care demand and choked supply.”

Which is what precisely will happen if universal coverage is imposed on a federal level.

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  • Anonymous

    Universal care is not the answer and physicians should start communicating that directly to the public. Check out the “open letter” campaign currently underway on Sermo:

  • Health Punk

    Look…It’s not “universal care” or “universal coverage” that’s the problem. It’s the implementation (as Kevin mentions) that is critical.

    Society will be better off (health, productivity, financially) if people are healthy. Lots of data supports this, especially in the area of employer health care costs.

    The implementation of universal coverage without addressing the issues of (1) access; (2) resource utilization; and (3) outcomes will lead to huge problems.

    (Regarding this last paragraph, consider a real example of insufficient utilization and care management. Canada has universal coverage and access via a single-payer system, but lacks sufficient restrictions. Managed care in the US actually is a lot more tightly-managed and restrictive than the Canadian system)

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