Woefully unprepared

Medical schools are doing a miserable job teaching the business side of medicine. In my opinion, this is equally as important as the medicine itself.

I think an MBA should be a pre-requisite prior to entering medical school. New physicians would be better prepared to face what’s coming to them in the real world.

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  • Gasman

    So dr. wes asks “What do the numbers 99233 or 99244 mean to you?” of medical students and he gets little meaningful response? How does this suggest lack of business accumen?
    I could just as cryptically ask dr. wes what does MRS 210.115. 1 mean to him and receive just as blank of a response. This is the statute in Missouri that describes the health care providers mandatory requirement to report cases of abuse or neglect. Vitally important for each doc to know their state’s laws on this because it’s potential jail time and big fines if you get it wrong.
    That students don’t know the nuances of billing codes is not a fault of the educational system. That he expects to engage these adult learners by beating them over the head in his introduction to the topic with cryptic jargon suggests he is a poor teacher.

  • Anonymous

    at least 99233 is a nationally used identifer. i was going to answer that it used to be my zip code many years ago, but i was pretty sure that wasn’t what he was asking. :)

  • Gasman

    While DrWes has every right to edit his blog’s postings, I have the right to reveal his edits.
    My post above is on KevinMD because DrWes removed it from his blog.

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