Pete Stark regrets his law

What happens when you have government officials who know nothing about medicine trying to regulate physicians:

The Stark laws, along with an older anti-kickback law that bans paying for patients, have had a huge impact on how medical business models are structured. Yet in an interview today the Congressman lamented that he had ever made his legislative intrusion into medical practices. The unintended consequences of trying to legislate good behavior, as Sen. John McCain would tell you about campaign finance reform, is too many lawyers looking for loopholes.

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  • Anonymous

    Kevin, wouldn’t it actually be physicians who are looking for the loopholes, they’re just hiring attorneys to do it for them?

    I realize that might cause you to have to put some blame on your own, but it is the truth.

  • Anonymous

    Pete Stark is still in office.

    If he thinks (correctly) that the law is so bad, why doesn’t he get it repealed?

    Take the energy he spent creating this bad law, and devote it to repealing the bad law which now has his name on it.

    Even better:

    Then McCain can do the same with the bad law he created.

    And in a perfect world:

    Then they can both do the world a favor and retire.

  • chloe

    To Anonymous, no physicians are hiring lawyers to find ways for to allow doctors to practice their profession and deliver the services that they are uniquely qualified to provide. You se, Stark has taken away from physicians the basic right to freely practice their profession. This has never been done to another group of professionals in the history of our nation. But then again, I guess health plans and business people are more worthy of trust than doctors, after all we know that the bottom line is never a motivating factor with these goups!

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