There is no cure for HIV

Some people are not getting the message:

Dr Veerakathy Harindra says a quarter of his young HIV patients wrongly believe a cure has already been found.

This leads them to fail to take adequate precautions to prevent the spread of the virus, he said.

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  • Anonymous

    That is one pretty big assumption to make…

  • Anonymous

    The change in attitude by the gay community toward HIV has undoubtedly contributed to the spread of disease.
    The other big contributor that is the elephant in the room that no epidemiologist would ever get caught acknowledging publically is how treatment has increased the total burden of disease. That is, if one uses the standard epidemiologic models of transmission for HIV, and substitutes zero efficacy (i.e. no drug therapy) during the 90′s the case fatality rate goes up (people with the disease die sooner), but the total mortality goes down (less people die). This seeming paradox comes about when those who can transmit the disease, and do so at a substantial rate, are removed from the population faster rather than slower.

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