A mother sues because she has twins

Frivolous lawsuits happen in Australia too:

A woman has told the ACT Supreme Court she felt trapped when she found out she had conceived twins through the IVF program because she only wanted one child.

The former Canberra woman and her female partner are suing Doctor Sydney Robert Armellin for the wrongful birth of one of their twin girls.

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  • Anonymous

    ah…but which twin?

    A skilled lawyer should be able to sue on behalf of one…then the other!

  • Alla

    I volunteer to take one of them for free. I bet plenty of women in Australia would be willing too.

  • Anonymous

    Oh this is too delicious.

    Which of the female partners will get which kid when they split up??

    This is a lawyer’s wet dream.

  • Anonymous

    Let the sibling rivalry begin.

    ‘Mom likes me best, she only kept you because of the millions of dollars’

  • Anonymous

    Followed the story and can’t believe this woman’s selfishness and stupidity. Is upset because she had morning sickness. Wants Dr to pay for kids private school? Get real. These women don’t deserve to have any children,they’ll both require years of couselling to get over the guilt “mom” has put on them over being born. Let someone who wants children and not a source of income have them.

  • Zoe Brain

    The mother specifically requested that only one embryo be transplanted.

    Her specific request was ignored.

    The couple is suing on the basis of medical malpractice, due to either negligent or deliberate actions contrary to the patient’s specifically expressed wishes.

    The parents are very glad to have two children, and love them dearly. They are not so glad to have been treated by medics who are quite so cavalier in their treatment of patients.

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