Charlie Weis takes losing badly

After losing his malpractice case, he fires a few parting shots:

He added: “In my case, obesity nearly led to death. Corrective major surgery always has risks, but a patient should never be viewed as the bad guy when problems occur that could be prevented. Never let doctors blame you for having elective surgery as they get paid handsomely and have the right to refuse.”

Weis also accused jurors of growing “tired and bored” through the trial. “I realized victory was a long shot but was still surprised with the verdict,” he said.

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  • Anonymous

    The jury is a bunch of incompetent morons when you lose. They’re people who were tricked by “smoke and mirrors”.

    When you win, however, they’re so much smarter.

  • Anonymous

    Never let coaches blame the players or general managers because they get paid 10 times as handsomely and they could choose to do something else.

    Here’s to Notre Dame and an 0-11 season

  • Anonymous

    A friggin football coach that gets 4 million dollars a year to tell kids to play a game and get his face kicked in a bowl game every year shouldn’t mention a word on getting paid handsomely.

  • buckeye surgeon

    Poor Chaz Weis has to crawl back to his miserable post operative existence as…… head coach of a professional football team!

  • Anonymous

    Then he shouldn’t complain when the docs exercise their right to refuse to do trauma, refuse to do high-risk obstetrics…..or any obstetrics, refuse ER call, refuse intracranial neurosurgery, etc.

  • Anonymous

    He is right in the implications that doctors should never blame the patient for being imprudent in electing the surgery, because if the surgery is imprudent, is it the doctors responsibility to refuse to do it. It is the difference between a technician and a professional and criticising the patient for choosing to undergo the treatment is a double confession–not a defense. It is a confession that one is was professionally irresponsible enough to provide medical care against his own medical judgement and that one doesn’t even understand what it means to be take on the responsibility of a professional.

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