The vaccine hearings

The fact that there are hearings at all is nothing short of a public health disaster.

Orac with more coverage.

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  • Bruce Small

    Numerous posts on this yesterday on the ABC news internet site. They fell into two categories: Sceptics with facts, and desperate parents who had zero facts but “believe” there is a link and won’t believe the quacks took them for a ride.

    There were lots of parents who insist a vacination turned their kid into a zombie, and chelation completely cured them, back to normal and better than ever.

  • Happyman

    the increased acceptance (& reimbursement) of pseudoscience is really getting scary. It seems that public concerns & lawyers will always trump science, logic, reasoning, and education.

    I, for one, will always avoid for myself & my family:

    naturopathic “physicians”

  • Mike

    I blame Robert F Kennedy Jr who did that horrible hit job in Rolling Stone magazine. They blame the CDC for covering up the facts about thimerosal. For anyone who has up to date, check out their anal;ysis of the “link”

    Bottom line: the symptoms of mercury poisoning and the changes you see in the brain are NOTHING LIKE the changes of autism.

    But don’t confuse these nuts with the facts.

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